jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2015

My 2015 in pictures.

Another year is saying goodbye, and this time I am very sorry about it.
2015 was a wonderful year, full of unforgettable moments I will treasure forever. 
This is the story of our 2015!




lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 21: A Christmas meetup dress (and give away winner).

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 21!

As you may have noticed, I miserably failed at keeping my blog posted daily from last week.
Unfortunately, life has been running fast and keeping me busy for the last bunch of days, and blog posting had to be a bit neglected as a consequence of it. Now you can sum it up to my epic blog fails list... But anyway, I thought I could try double hard until Christmas Day at least and keep you tuned with life, so today I am coming back to show you my last handmade piece as well as announcing December give away winner (which I also failed to reveal last Saturday, oops, sorry about that!). 

lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 14: What´s on my festive makeup bag.

Hi everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 14!

This morning I was checking my phone when I looked at the calendar and realized it is just ten days to go until Christmas Eve! I can´t believe it is so close now. Indeed, what I can´t really believe is all my Christmas shopping is not done yet. Someone should start panicking already... But coming back to Blogmas itself, today I am posting something a reader specifically asked for: my makeup bag content. Well, if you have been reading me for some time now, you might know I am not truly into beauty massive shopping. Also, I am a bit lazy about reviews, which seems to be the most popular blogging topic out there right now. But this girl was truly nice when she asked me to make a little post about my current favourites for the holiday season, and I thought I could totally make an exception. So here you go, this my festive makeup bag content.

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 13: A christmassy give away.

Welcome back to Blogmas!

 As I mentioned in my previous post, I was feeling a bit sick for a couple of days at the end of the week, but I am happy to say I am better now. It is nice to be back! To celebrate I am happily keeping my Blogmas event alive in spite of mishaps (and feeling quite festive in general) today I want to announce the official opening of my little christmassy give away!

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 10/11: A cozy evening at home.

Bogmas Days 10 & 11 have been not quite what I had in mind.

For a couple of days I´ve been feeling poorly and a bit down, not myself at all, so all I have managed to do is watching Harry Potter, as well as eating all sorts of junk food. Well, I am not complaining about watching HP AT ALL, because that´s not exactly tough to me. But this silly pseudo-cold is not what I planned, I suppose you cannot control it all, can you? So for now I am going to keep going with the resting therapy and let´s see how I feel tomorrow. I just hope to wake up feeling a bit better and being able to enjoy some time outdoors (and hopefully the three-days-lasting fog will move too, so I don´t start developing Winter blues. Seriously, what´s up with Romanian mist? I haven´t seen the sun for days now...) Anyway, I will try to keep Blogmas on as much as I can because it is something I am very fond at this moment. See you tomorrow!

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 9: My wish list.

Hello dear readers and welcome to Blogmas Day 9!

For today post I chose to tell you a bit about my December wish list. I should explain this is not a strict Christmas presents kind of inventory, and as a matter of fact I am not waiting for The Gentle One to go and shop all these items for me. There are many other things that have caught my eye around towm lately, and what I enjoy the most about holiday gifts is the mistery factor: being completely surprised by others is part of the seasonal magic. I can be like a child during holiday season, and then all I want is eating yummy food, watching movies, reading a lot and opening surprise presents on Christmas Eve. In spite of that, these are the objects I have been craving for the last couple of months (and sometimes even for a longer time). 
Are you curious about it? There we go then!

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 8: Bucharest Christmas market.

Welcome back to Blogmas Day 8.

 Last Saturday The Gentle One and I had a little walk to the city holiday themed market. This is something we truly enjoy, as we don´t have those in Spain (I think it is a central European tradition rather than a Mediterranean one). We took the chance to wake up early, have a quick breakfast and head to the beautiful University Square, where the market is placed. We spent the morning looking around, shopping for wood tree decorations, drinking mulled wine and eating Kalács (a typical Hungarian seasonal sweet which is my new favourite without discussion! I am a bit afraid I am quickly turning addicted to it, and a bit worried I won´t be able to find it once the holiday is over).

lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 7: Wedding picture released!



Hello everybody and welcome to day 7 of Blogmas!

Today I wanted to make something very different. At the end of December it will be three months The Gentle One and I are happily married. How crazy is that?! It looks like it was yesterday I was drinking a cup of tea with shaking hands while waiting for the hair stylist to enter the hotel room and start working. It takes ages to plan a wedding, but once is over times goes by really fast. 

This week, and after a lot of waiting, I finally received the first handful of wedding pictures. It has felt like the first Christmas present of the year! I am saving a proper report about our big day until Blogmas is over. Nonetheless, I could not resist the temptation of sharing one of our favourite portraits: it was taken in a restored nineteenth century palace, during our Victorian themed photoshoot. We are very happy about how it turned out, as it reflects the atmosphere we were looking for, something between Coppola´s Dracula and The Age of Innocence by Scorsese. But anyway, I think it is a good picture, with tons of personality. ( The Gentle One looks so handsome, what a lucky lady I am. Just don´t tell him, I don´t want him to realize what a fan girl he has married...)

domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 6: The Christmas tag.



Hello, this is Blogmas Day 6!

 I stumbled upon the Christmas tag last night on Twitter and I thought I could make it for you today, as I never did this one before. I am not a "tag post" kind of person usually, but as the whole Blogmas thingy is new to me, I guess we can make a little exception here. So here we go, I hope you like it. I must confess I had some fun by answering the questions. I wasn´t expecting that, to be honest!

sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 5: The perfect hot chocolate.

 Hi there, welcome to Blogmas Day 5!

As the cold is starting to act according to the month of December (and I came back home late in the evening with numb fingers and nose), it occurred to me that I could share with you my personal recipe for a good hot chocolate. As I have mentioned before, I have a sweet tooth, but I can be quite picky about candy, chocolate included. I don´t like it too sugary, nor too strong, so as time goes by I developed my own personal formula. It is nothing super thorough, so I think most people will be able to find all the ingredients. 

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 4: My needle work.

Welcome to Blogmas Day 4!
Today I want to share with you my progress with sewing. I bought my first machine last February, and since then I have been working now and then, most frequently during weekends and days off. The first bunch of pieces I sewed were poorly built and were impossible to wear them comfortably, but lately I feel the results are slightly better. 

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Festive nails.

Hello everybody and welcome to day 3 of Blogmas!

I think I never mentioned it before, but I have been stalking the Christmas manicure tag on Tumblr for years. Actually, it has been so much time that now it looks like FOREVER.
In the past I made too many attempts of giving my hands a festive look, just to get disappointed about my poor inexistent nail art skills. This year, however I did my very best and took it really seriously... And before you start singing praises... I FAILED AGAIN. I have a very embarrassing picture to prove it, but with your permission that one is going to remain in the bottom of the "shame photographic file" where I keep all the documented mistakes I commit far too frequently. THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 2: My favourite comfort tea.

Hi everyone and welcome to day 2 of Blogmas!

Today I wanted to share the first of the Christmassy themed posts, and I thought I could talk to you about my absolute seasonal comfort tea. Now, I know for most people it is all about comfort food (and I do enjoy that, because honestly, who doesn´t?), but as years go by I realized I am more a kind of "comfort tea person": when I am having a bad day, or feeling poorly, I tend to drink a cup of tea rather than eat something. And believe it or not, it usually helps a lot.

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

Blogmas Day 1: A day of my life in pictures.

Welcome to my first Blogmas everyone! 
To start I decided to share with you "a day of my life in pictures" kind of post, as this is something I do love about other blogs but never find time to do it myself. So as this month I am enjoying some extra spare time, here you go: this was my November, the 21st.
I hope you like it! 

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015


Hello Everyone!

November (& Autumn) are almost over, which only means Christmas is around the corner!  How crazy is that, right? It looks like it was yesterday when I visited Spain last December. But anyway, as we will stay here in Bucharest in December I am feeling super festive already (I always try my best when The Gentle One and I are alone for the holiday), and I thought it could be nice to reflect a bit of that sparkling spirit here too.
So this year I am going to join the whole Blogmas thing! 

❄️ I´ll be posting every single day from December the first until Christmas day. ❄️

Sometimes it will be a long or more elaborate post, sometimes it will be just a little impression, but my idea is that you get a glimpse on my Winter walks, seasonal meals, cozy reading nights, and basically anything related to my daily life during this month.
Please, feel free to let me know if there´s something you would like me to post about.
I formally invite you to be with me this Christmas. 
 I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!


domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Crimson Peak: personal impressions.

After my first watch of Crimson Peak at the theatre last month, I wanted to write a review.
De Toro has been one of my favourite fantasy directors for years now, and when I left the cinema that day my mind was full of interesting thought I wished to share. Nonetheless, I was planning a trip to Spain by then, and I wasn´t sure about inmediately posting my impressions on a movie that people might or might not had watched at the time. I decided to wait a bit, and even found the chance to go for a second time with my sister and friends during my stay in Galicia. At this point, I had even more thought running on this, so I started putting this post together and just waited some more time to let most of my readers to find the opportunity to watch it by themselves. I´m sure most of you have done it already.
If not, I beg to stop reading here, as I´ll be exposing plot details and that would spoil the fun for you.
To the ones who can keep with it, here you go:

My personal thoughts and impressions about Crimson Peak.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

My (fake) weekend in outfits.

All right, let´s just pretend I did take all these outfit pictures during the actual weekend, rather than just during those week days in which The Gentle One and I found the time to go out together.
Well, sometimes you can´t choose what days are off, right?
 This a strange kind of week, mostly spent between work, studies and last minute arrangements for my twenty days trip to Spain. So instead of just going out from Friday to Sunday, we made most boring errands during the weekend, and had our proper spare time in between.
And this is what we did:

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

Reasons why October is my favourite month

A few days ago someone sent me a non-very kind message through social media.
To sum up, this person implied I don´t really like Autumn and, by following its logics, nobody does, because the season is just gloomy, ugly and cold. Also, the only reason I told so is to look "trendy", because well, now Fall is...
Whatever the reason this person had to send me this message (which I suposse it was a moody day, a bad digestion or a mixture of both things, only Heaven knows...) the point is, some people can´t see the world from a different perspective than theirs. If they don´t enjoy Autumn/Winter/wearing black colour on a glorious July day (whatever basically) nobody can.
Isn´t that sad?

So I thought I could explain why October is my favourite month of the year.
I don´t really mean to make this person to change its mind, and obviously I need no justification, but I believe it is beautiful to share personal impressions and opinions so as this is my blog:
here you have mine.

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2015

The Paris diaries: Stendhal Syndrome and Truffaut films.

Following with my Paris honeymoon blog series, I bring you the second chapter of our French diaries. This episode is full of museum, pretty paintings and waves of inconvenient Stendhal Syndrome.
I hope you enjoy it!

The Paris Diaries, day 2.

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

The Paris diaries: famous book stores, gothic cathedrals and how not to panick on board.

A bunch of days before our flight departed to France, The Gentle One and I had a funny idea: in order to keep as many of our honeymoon trip memories alive, wouldn´t be nice to write them down as they happened? I mean, not LITERALLY as they happened (because that would mean stopping every five minutes in the middle of some busy Paris street to write about remarkable things, which would be weird even for us...) but at the end of the day, while memories did still fresh enough.
And so we did! For five days we both did our best to put our grain of sand on our travelling diary.
Sometimes we won, sometimes we failed. But the important thing is we collected many beautiful and hilarious moments I can now share with you. Of course there are some very personal in that journal I can´t write in here, you see, but even so I hope you enjoy the rest of it. (Please, notice that the original journal was writen in Spanish, so I will try my best to translate the precise expressions. Excuses in advance for any idiomatic innacurancy).

So here you go:

 The Paris Diaries, day 1.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Back home.

Hi everyone!
I am glad to say we are safe back home after our honeymoon holiday.
Both, the wedding and the trip were wonderful and we couldn´t be happier in this moment.
It´s kind of strange everything is gone now, specially after so many months preparing every single detail. Also, as I briefly mentioned on Instagram, returning to our apartment has been kind of bitter-sweet, as we found our wedding day remaining flowers now drying and fading, together with the little ton of memories everywhere we need to collect and storage properly once we find the time to do it. Anyway, I am glad to say while I am writting this I am happily married!

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

The final count down

So, it has been a while since my last wedding update here.
Although I haven´t posted about in recently, preparations have been progressing at their own pace.
Most of the errands elapsed uneventful and easy, I am happy to say.
However, a couple of essential details were delayed mostly until last minute. 

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Bits ´n Bobs

Hi again, everyone!
It has felt really great to be back, thank you much all for your nice words and supportive comments.
You are just the best! ❤️️

This Summer has been a very busy one.
To make it short (although I tend to transform any "short" story or summary on a 500 words post,
 so I beg you pardon in case the contingency is given): I shifted job
as a consequence of my fixed term contract expiring, got a new one,
spend a lot of time trying to get used to my fresh daily routine,
 had a good portion of academic stuff done (not of all it, I am afraid, but my days are not long enough),
AND found some extra spare time to suffer a couple of minor (HA!) panic attacks related to the never ending wedding preparations
(more about that on future posts, you bet!).
 As you can see, I was managing life as good as I could, but that left little time for anything else. 
 I thought I could write a little recap of the more mundane and positive side of my Summer here.
I hope you enjoy!

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

The birthday girl.

Guess who is back. 
And on her bday, nonetheless!
It´s amazing how quick this year has passed by.
My 31st year of existence has been full of laughs, love, magic and beauty (and although there were some bad moments too, I´m happy to say the good ones were more abundant).
So here I am again: all difficult moments gone, and really glad to make you all witnesses of a new stage of my life.

Happy 32 years to me!

sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Snapshots of my Easter week.

Last month I terribly failed at my monthly round-up, so I decided it could be nice to make some sort of little week summary in exchange. I actually like the idea of taking random pictures all along the week/month and share them with you. Somehow, they are a nice little testimony of life, and although I am not a great photographer (and most impressions were just captured with my phone during  spontaneous moments) I think is beautiful to treasure them.
So here you go: some random images of my Easter holiday week.
Just for your eyes!

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

It´s here!

Last weekend I woke up just to merrily exclaim:

“It´s here! It´s here!”and then, turning around to shake The Gentle One´s shoulder. " Hey, wake up. C´mon, you´re going to miss it!"

As the poor little thing is quite used to my silly enthusiast behaviour sometimes, he patiently opened his eyes and looked through the window, where my finger were pointing at the moment.
He sat himself in the bed then and had to rub his eyes to ensure it wasn´t a dream.

“Gosh” He said. "Why didn´t you wake me before? It is here!"

"Finally!" I added triumphantly.

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

First sewing project

As I mentioned last month, I bought a sewing machine.
It had been on my wish list for ages, but for one reason or another, I delayed it .
At the beginning of March, however, I decided it was time to invest some money on a little domestic machine which could help me to materialize all those projects on my forever-increasing sewing folder. I suppose the real reason to finally make a decision was the absurdly inexpensive fabric prices in Bucharest: I simply coudn´t stand the view of all those affordable materials within easy reach!
I could feel their sad looks at me.

“Take us home” they would say with their tiny voices. “We want to turn ouselves into pretty dresses!”

So how could I posibly refuse?
It was far too cruel...

domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

Too Faced palette review

I have been looking for a nice eye shadow palette for some time.
However, as I invested uncountable spare evening haunting makeup stores, I noticed the high street barely launches any with gothic-friendly colours: you can find nice nudes, as well as plenty of pastels and neutrals, but darkest tones are always an issue, and it was quite hard to find nice products without spending a little fortune in luxury products.
Lately, this tendence has changed, though.
More and more brands have been hitting interesting packs for the last year and a half, and many shops are receiving their stock, even in their little and more modest affiliated locations.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the Too Faced shopfront at the local Sephora store, and casually their Return of the Sexy palette caught my eye. Although I find the name REALLY awful (The Return of the Sexy? C´mon! This is not the nineties anymore...) the colous were quite pretty, dark and also very versatile from my perspective. Nevertheless, the price was a bit over my budget at that point and I decided to wait. Nonetheless, as I have been recently attending different formal events as a consequence of all the wedding preparations, I thought I was finally able to justify the expense.
So this babe came home with me last Friday.

domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

March wedding updates

These few months have been quite modest in terms of wedding preparations.
 Since I last posted about it in December, we have found difficult to succeed in making solid plans, as well as following a proper schedule.
The main reason is our December holiday in Spain was suppossed to constitute some extra spare time to work with, but by then I got the flu, and it spoilt the whole thing. After coming back to Bucharest, we managed to make very little advance, but I will tell you about it anyway.

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

What I did in January

Oh, Jeez... February is on its last week already (WHAT? Is it almost over?)
and I can´t believe what a soft and nice Winter we had.
You see? There´s no way to complain about the weather anymore, as it has been quite warm comparing with last year around here...
Anyway, it´s time for another monthly round-up episode.
Do you want to know what I did in January?

martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

The art of fine eating

As a rule, I am not a New Year´s goals person but as everybody else I make one or two resolutions once in a while.
Last year I decided to cut down a bit on the quantity of sugar in my diet.
Happy to say against all predictions (I really mean this, even I wasn´t very sure of my own will), I made it. I don´t put any sugar on my hot beverage anymore, and the quantity of sweet I eat now is abot the half it used to be. Not that bad, right?
So this year I thought I could keep following my own nutritional path.
Like you know, one step at a time.

viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

Seasons don´t fear the reaper

When I was a kid, I used to think seasons were made up.
Well, as weird as this sounds, it is quite reasonable if you grow up on a land where it rains ten months
a year. The two months left are an irregular sequence of sunny and cloudy days, unexpected showers, and windy times, so the technical classification of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall  was everything but real to me.

Taking that into account, you will understand why after a year living with continental Europe weather,  I am not still used to it.
I have no idea about falling walking on the snow, sudden Summer electric storms, proper Autumal landscapes AND (more importantly) what to wear for real Winter.
Because, Winter? What´s that?

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Book review: Horns by Joe Hill.

Joe Hill has been on my list of to-read authors for ages.
Specifically since I was in my first university year and a I met a good friend of mine.
We instantly connected, as we shared the same passion for horror literature.
During our second coffee and "let´s-talk-about-all-the-horror-novels-we-like" date, she mentioned she totally hated Stephen King, but liked his son better.
A long time went by, and although I totally forgot about the connection with S. King, my memory withheld the name of Joe Hill.
Unfortunately, getting a copy of his works in Spanish was difficult by then, 
and I was not as familiar with English language as I am nowadays, so I didn´t feel confident enough to try.
However, I received a copy of Horns this Christmas,  and I could finally give it a chance.

viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Dark circle beaters for pale girls

I am pale. Very pale. 
Actually, in words of my family almost traslucent, (which is not a total overstatement if you consider you can see my veins through the skin in most parts of my body, oops...) Now, you can think that´s suppose to be desirable, something of a natural fashion on any alternative lady who wears black, mostly. 
Sure: white skin, dark hair, red lips. Dita von Teese and all that jazz.
Glamourous... Theoretically.
 When you are that pale you have a double chance to suffer from dark circles, or more exactly, to suffer from very distinct ones.
 On top of that, I have been experiencing sleeping issues lately. The morning result is a tired-looking and puffy-eyed Violette, whose dark circles are observable from around the International Space Station.
Yeah, not so glamourous, right?

domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

What I did in December.

Now that January is almost over (gosh, where did the month go?) it´s time to come back to old blogging habits, and that means a new update from my monthly round-up. So here you have a little description about what I watched/bought/tried and visited during December. I hope you find it interesting! 

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Cerralbo museum

During my stay in Spain I had little or no time to post about my holiday adventures.
As a result, I realized there is a lot I didn´t tell you!
Yeah, you probably don´t really care that much because... well, because after all is just other people´s holiday and has been a long time since Christmas was over. 
But even so, I thought it could be worthy to write a bit about the best of it. That´s part of the blogging fun, isn´t it?

When we first arrived to Madrid last December, The Gentle One asked me to go with him
and visit a place which, in his own words, "you won´t probably like too much".
And as weird as it sounded, I thought he was actually craving to see some place he enjoyed, but where I would have a not-that-amusing time.
Yes, you know how it is when you love someone: sometimes you have to make concessions. LOVE. Right.

lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Don´t try this at home

This week Sunday´s post (a.k.a yesterday´s post) had to be delayed due to some inconvenience.
Specifically, due to the consequences of a little accident I had on Saturday morning. Before you go all worried about me, I must reassert it was actually a minor event, although it could have been quite serious under the circumstances, which I will explain to you in a moment.
Well, first of all I should clarify this very event had nothing to do with my own clumsiness. I have told you about it repeteadly, so you know recognizing my lack of ability is not an issue. In this ocassion, the direct cause of misfortune was other people´s behaviour. Now I will put it on record.

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

First outfit of the year.

Outfit rundown: shirt - Spin Doctor (previously featured here) / jumperskirt - custom made / headband - DIY.

One thing I hate about after-holiday is the feeling of boredom.
Somehow, it looks like everybody agrees that once the Winter break is over, there is no room for fun on daily life. Most people takes all the beauty of the season (bright colours, parties, elegance and anything vaguely interesting), put it on a chest, and throws the key until next year. That´s it. No more excitement ´till next December.
I never understood that kind of attitude, to be honest.

Ok, yes, I KNOW we all feel a bit depressed after holiday (or VERY depressed, if like me, you must spend two hours a day in your way to work) but I´ve always thought that part of this seasonal depression comes from the perspective of no-partying-at-all we all get caught in. I hate that. I mean, raise your hand if you do think that the world is a place gloomy enough without all that "fun is over" attitude.

domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

Late Christmas loot (third edition)

It´s being a while, but I am back from my Spanish Christmas holiday (which consisted on
tons of social interaction, and food too. Actually, it also consisted on tons of drugs against influenza, but that´s a far less interesting story unless you enjoy fever & chills horror stories), and this means I am back to upload about my latest adventures too. Althought it´s been a while since Christmas Day, I thought following my old January tradition would be ok.
I already told you about my festive season presents back in 2013 and 2014, and for some reason people looked to like those, so I decided to go ahead this year.