jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

My (belated) 2017 resolutions

As a rule, I don´t really like New Year´s resolutions. You may have guessed already, considering how much time this post has delayed.

There are many reasons, but maybe the most important one is, most resolutions can make people become obsessed with them, which invariably leads to embarrassing failure before the end of February – well, it might be just me, I must admit my will is far from exemplary... or even average (think about a six years old when looking at the cookies jar and you totally get me. No, like literally. I just ate all the cookies in the house while writing this. And I was supposed to eat but ONE. Or was it an apple? I can´t remember).


domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

Our 2016 in photos

Some years feel better than others, and although 2016 hasn´t been as spectacular as 2015, it was actually a quite lucky one.

And why was that? Well, there are countless reasons to consider this as a great period. Indeed, we lived so many exciting events during these twelve months, I would really struggle to write about all of them and keep it short and clear. So instead of a 2000 words long verbose post, which in all honesty not even I would read, I will make a little sum up and show you the very best of 2016 in pictures.  

There we go!