About Me

I´m Violette, and I am a Spanish girl who has recently moved to Bucharest.
  I work as a teacher while studying English language and literature at university, and devote myself  to literary creation and the study of fine arts. As I am a peculiar sublunary creature, still having time for my other passions: reading, cinema, goth and industrial music, macabre aesthetics and, of course, the velvety fields of dark fashion.
Life in Violet is my personal attempt to tell the story of my life, with a note of humour.

Here´s a bit more about me... 

On fall 2004, I started dating a long-term friend of mine (a.k.a The Gentle One) and we moved together next year. Since then, we have been living with two lovely Angora cats, about one thousand books (and counting) and too many clothes. We consider ourselves two bohemian outsiders, so (too) frequently we get involved on crazy adventures: From wild journeys to strange anecdotes, our life together looks lie the draft of a mad novelist. 

So please, take that into account while reading and excuse our lack of conventionalism.

I don´t consider myself a "fashionable" person, but a creative one, so this blog was born as a personal experiment at heart. For me, Life in Violet is a place where I can relax and be myself.
I know there are many wonderful bloggers out there who offer very trendy posts to the reader on a daily basis. Well, I am not one of them. I prefer experimentation rather than mainstream fashion and, if I am asked, I would not define myself as a fashion blogger. I appreciate aesthetics, but that´s a different side of the story.
 I don´t like the idea of posting slavery either. 
I post when I want to, and I am not sorry about it. It helps me to be more inspired, anyway.

I have no idea what this site might become in the future, I do know that it will be  
Life in Violet: I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

4 comentarios:

  1. Conheci o blog hoje e estou me deliciando com seus textos.
    Ótimo conteúdo!

    1. Muito obrigado! Agardo que lle cumpran os meus posts. Síntase libre de comentar cando o desexe e benvida!

  2. You look like an interesting person and I like your blog. I'm following you! (:

  3. Such a nice introduction of yourself and your blog, I have been reading som enetries and so far I find it just very delighful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views of such a peculiar place.
    Eve from Perú