domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016


This week it´s been so hot we hardly managed to leave the house. However, as weekend approached, temperature started slowly descending. We know Summer is definitely not over yet, so we decided to take this opportunity window and make the best of it. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Bellu Park, a nineteenth century cemetery famous due to its upstanding mourning art.



martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

My top five vamp lip products.


In the last year or so I´ve been falling into the habit of shopping less, but better quality makeup.  So now and then when I make a purchase, I try to give a chance to both medium and high-end brands in an attempt to make my own opinion. I´ve always felt a bit intimidated by the huge quantity of makeup reviews out there (am I the only one who wants to hide in a corner and cry when you receive all those contradictory reviews on blogs/youtube and so on?), and I would happily cut my right hand rather than just sitting there for HOURS trying to figure out what internet gurú is right, because well, most probably they all have a point as long as a product does not work the same for everybody.