domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015


Hello Everyone!

November (& Autumn) are almost over, which only means Christmas is around the corner!  How crazy is that, right? It looks like it was yesterday when I visited Spain last December. But anyway, as we will stay here in Bucharest in December I am feeling super festive already (I always try my best when The Gentle One and I are alone for the holiday), and I thought it could be nice to reflect a bit of that sparkling spirit here too.
So this year I am going to join the whole Blogmas thing! 

❄️ I´ll be posting every single day from December the first until Christmas day. ❄️

Sometimes it will be a long or more elaborate post, sometimes it will be just a little impression, but my idea is that you get a glimpse on my Winter walks, seasonal meals, cozy reading nights, and basically anything related to my daily life during this month.
Please, feel free to let me know if there´s something you would like me to post about.
I formally invite you to be with me this Christmas. 
 I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!


domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2015

Crimson Peak: personal impressions.

After my first watch of Crimson Peak at the theatre last month, I wanted to write a review.
De Toro has been one of my favourite fantasy directors for years now, and when I left the cinema that day my mind was full of interesting thought I wished to share. Nonetheless, I was planning a trip to Spain by then, and I wasn´t sure about inmediately posting my impressions on a movie that people might or might not had watched at the time. I decided to wait a bit, and even found the chance to go for a second time with my sister and friends during my stay in Galicia. At this point, I had even more thought running on this, so I started putting this post together and just waited some more time to let most of my readers to find the opportunity to watch it by themselves. I´m sure most of you have done it already.
If not, I beg to stop reading here, as I´ll be exposing plot details and that would spoil the fun for you.
To the ones who can keep with it, here you go:

My personal thoughts and impressions about Crimson Peak.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

My (fake) weekend in outfits.

All right, let´s just pretend I did take all these outfit pictures during the actual weekend, rather than just during those week days in which The Gentle One and I found the time to go out together.
Well, sometimes you can´t choose what days are off, right?
 This a strange kind of week, mostly spent between work, studies and last minute arrangements for my twenty days trip to Spain. So instead of just going out from Friday to Sunday, we made most boring errands during the weekend, and had our proper spare time in between.
And this is what we did: