martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Yule around the corner

I cannot believe it but It´s been a year since I returned from UK.
Sometimes I still have a strange feeling when I look around and realize that I am not walking by the Thames side anymore. Long walks through the hills have been replaced by the constant view of old inclined towers and narrow stone streets.
However, the same mist hangs in the air.

Yule is just around the corner, so I cannot feel sad anymore.

Sadness is replaced immediately by a pleasant sense of familiarity when Christmas arrives and I can meet my loved ones. Unluckily, I am not meeting all of them. I will be specially missing my sister, who is not able to come to Spain from Japan this year (miss you, darling). Thanks to the providency (and the wonders of modern technologies) we´ll be chatting on Christmas day via Skype.

Anyway, despite this I feel happy about the last days of the year.
I do appreciate the opportunity of having a delicious dinner with family, drop my youngest sister to ice skating by her very first time, drinking hot chocolate with my parents and enjoying the most of the holidays with The Gentle One.

The first Spanish edition of The Hobbit rescued from a vintage store for my little sister.

Many people do not feel comfortable with the radical commercial mood of Christmas nowadays.
I can see their point: we do not need to spend hundreds of euros just to demonstrate our love. I think we don´t need every single thing we see in the mall to be happy though society tries to convince to us we do.
For me, personal details are more accurate and I prefer to find one perfect gift rather than a mountain of impersonal stuff.
This year I got just a few things but very special. I bought the first Spanish edition of
The Hobbit for my youngest sister (she is just eleven years old and is discovering the pleasure of reading) in a vintage store. Then, I chose a wonderful artisan paper on a beautiful violet color to replace the old fashioned covers as long as they were a little damaged. I also bought a pair of Sweet Lolita inspired leggins for her and a pair of funny strawberry earrings. She does not have earholes but she´s dying for.

I became a big fan of Whittard of Chelsea this winter.

I had two or three good ideas for my parents but not too much to spend (charming writers graduating have small salaries as teachers), so I spoke to my other lovely sister and she decided to help with the presents (thank you once again, darling). So we could finally get something gorgeous for our parents. They are fond of staying home in the weekends and spending long hours having hot drinks and never ending conversations, so what more accurate than a luxury selection of teas and chocolates?
Normally they prefer the kind of gifts they can share with the others (being generous as they are), which converted this idea in the perfect one. Besides, they are chocoholics!

Big variety of treats for a chocoholic couple.

In the last weeks I also found the perfect gifts for my fiancée but I am not posting pictures or a description here at the moment. He is a little gossip, so he will be probably checking this place for some information. Sorry, dear, you are not lucky today ;)

Yummy, I am sure!

Extraordinary, this year we are not celebrating Christmas at our parents, but they are coming home. I am really fond of spending these very special days in my city. The medieval town will be beautiful with all the lights. Actually, I am dying for holidays. I have not enjoyed too much in the last weeks and I do not have spare time at all. To break up with the routine, I attended a Lolitas´ meeting on Saturday and met lots of nice people. I will be giving more details as soon as I get some pics. Stay tuned!