lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

Lillian colours

 Can you believe Saturday was the first sunny day of the year? 
Considering I live in Spain it is pretty surprising. And even so, it was not really warm but windy and a little cold. I am sure The Gentle One would have preferred to stay home in comfort clothes and reading books (poor little thing), BUT I had finished my May exams and I needed a break. Besides, my mother gave a gorgeous new purse to me last moth and it was the first real chance to use it. 

Among my multiple and very annoying manias there is one that it can be a pain in the ass sometimes:
If I get a brand new piece of clothing and, by any chance, I can´t inmediately use it for the first time I feel that the piece of clothing in questions starts looking at me with sad eyes... I really mean it. For the las thirty days the purse (which by the way is one-piece handmade collection item from a local artist) has been looking at me every single time I entered the bedroom.
Trying to sleep? Bag watching. Trying to write a post? Bag watching. Trying to watch a movie? Yeah, you get it. Too much pressure.
So? Exactly! Off we went.

I have to recognize I wasn´t specially brilliant when decided that a light poncho would be enough to keep me warm for the day. As a consequence, we had a really short walk. And this included non-stop walking to avoid freezing, which basically explains why the pictures are so bad (I know you´ll excuse me this time, but I had to choose between proper outfit pictures and keeping all my fingers!).  

 But ey, am I not lovely on this hippie-like attire?
There´s something on it that makes me think about Dark Shadows and Barnabas Collins ♥ 

So tell me darlings, are you already enjoying summer?

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Exams and other apocaliptic things

I wish I could say that this little period of blogging inactivity is due to many wonderful events running through my life recently. 
But the truth is that I have been dealing with big dosis of stress as well as very narrow schedules. 
These last two months have been a bunch of kicking-in-the-ass plans, including lots of work to be done, helping my students to prepare their Cambridge level exams and so on.
 And now, in the top of all that, it´s time for my university exams ( which I am very far of being well-prepared for).

That´s the reason why I haven´t been spending much time in the blogosphere lately. Besides, I think world has enough hysterical blog posts anyway. You don´t need me complaining here all the time.
So I prefer to look for some good stress-killers right away.
And I can say I found a perfect anxiety saviour in visiting art galleries.

A spot of modern (and unintelligible) art: Fringe-like cars and spiderweb case.

 Yes, sometimes I spend my spare time at museums, even if I don´t like the artist or the collection, because then you can find a chance for having fun and laughing a bit.
For instance, the contemporary gallery here in my town can be really awful sometimes, but I keep visiting. After all, bad art might be really crazy and a good stop on funnyville (and much more productive than eating tons of ice-cream or compulsively buying books that I don´t have time to read).

And oh, I forgot! 
Empty bright corridors are an aceptable place to take some quick outfit pics. You might even consider it the first episode of the saga "Violette over-dressed in a total weird location". Yeah, it could be funny to cast places such as abandoned supermarkets and zoos where you could see how unsuitable is wearing high heels.
Mmmh... totally promising!

Sunglasses : Primark  / Coat: Los Telares Tights : Pamela Mann  /  Shoes : Mary Paz /
  Bag : New Look (old)/ Necklace: Random shop


So tell me darlings, what are your favourite stress-killers?