domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

Exams and other apocaliptic things

I wish I could say that this little period of blogging inactivity is due to many wonderful events running through my life recently. 
But the truth is that I have been dealing with big dosis of stress as well as very narrow schedules. 
These last two months have been a bunch of kicking-in-the-ass plans, including lots of work to be done, helping my students to prepare their Cambridge level exams and so on.
 And now, in the top of all that, it´s time for my university exams ( which I am very far of being well-prepared for).

That´s the reason why I haven´t been spending much time in the blogosphere lately. Besides, I think world has enough hysterical blog posts anyway. You don´t need me complaining here all the time.
So I prefer to look for some good stress-killers right away.
And I can say I found a perfect anxiety saviour in visiting art galleries.

A spot of modern (and unintelligible) art: Fringe-like cars and spiderweb case.

 Yes, sometimes I spend my spare time at museums, even if I don´t like the artist or the collection, because then you can find a chance for having fun and laughing a bit.
For instance, the contemporary gallery here in my town can be really awful sometimes, but I keep visiting. After all, bad art might be really crazy and a good stop on funnyville (and much more productive than eating tons of ice-cream or compulsively buying books that I don´t have time to read).

And oh, I forgot! 
Empty bright corridors are an aceptable place to take some quick outfit pics. You might even consider it the first episode of the saga "Violette over-dressed in a total weird location". Yeah, it could be funny to cast places such as abandoned supermarkets and zoos where you could see how unsuitable is wearing high heels.
Mmmh... totally promising!

Sunglasses : Primark  / Coat: Los Telares Tights : Pamela Mann  /  Shoes : Mary Paz /
  Bag : New Look (old)/ Necklace: Random shop


So tell me darlings, what are your favourite stress-killers?

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  1. I love those sunglasses!

    I've not been to a museum since I went to London last year. Mainly because I'm not a big fan of the modern art exhibitions we have here. Apparently one of the museums near me had an Oscar Wilde exhibition on and I didn't hear about it until it was finished!

    Good luck with your exams! I'm currently sitting my university exams and I can't wait for them to be over.

    1. Thanks a lot for the good wishes and so on :) They´re trully appreciated, I can tell you ♥

      I am not a big fan of modern art myself, but modern art is better than no art at all, I guess. Nevertheless, I see your point about Londoner galleries: last time I visited was three years ago and now I am seriouly craving about going back to them at once.

      I wish you the best luck for exams too, darling!

  2. Hellow,
    Omg so many beautiful contents to comment on, I never knew how much I was missing this last 2 months or so, I wasn't feeling a lot like blogging, but I think that is past me now.
    First of all I must say you look stunning as always and that you rock that glamour look, the shoes are *.* breath taking, honey there is no such thing as overdressed in of days , I think we have enough of that on working days :D
    I am not such a big fan of modern art but I think sometimes any time of inspiration is welcome and better then nothing. Stress wise I mostly indulge myself in big walks in some garden/palace/castle place, reading and gaming(ye I know lol).

    1. These last two months have flown away for me too. Hard to find time for sweet things like blogging.

      Thankie for all the nice comments and compliments. You are so right, working days are aesthetically bad enough, so I do need some beauty and glamour on the weekends.

      Walking is another of my favourite stress killers. It looks like we have lots in common ♥

  3. I love your outfit, especially the glasses! I was not fortunate enough to find them in black so I bought them in red.

    I try to lay off steam by watching movies, I should definitely try out your way too though. :)

    1. This year I tried to look for another pair of heart-shaped glasses but, as you said, they are all red. However, I found a red velvet pair that I like. They are a bit expensive, so hopefully I´ll get them in the sales (they are not the kind of thing that people wears here in my town).

      Watching movies is a wonderful method to scape from anxiety too. I think they make you disconect yourself for an hour or two :)

  4. I love going to museums, they really change the atmosphere in our minds for a little bit. I still haven't found how to tame my midterms and finals crisis (seems it gets worst every year).
    Estas guapísima, abrazos! ♥

    1. Just focus on the positive side and think that even (evil) test-term does not last forever.

      ¡Muchas gracias por los cumplidos!

  5. Lovely pictures on you at the museum.
    That is indeed a nice stresskiller. We use to go to a Café, sip on a coffe and watch people. Otherwise we go to our cottage in the wilderness to stress out.

    1. The cottage idea sounds wonderful to me! But I don´t think watching people works with me (specially because people are a good source of stress for me sometimes).
      Thanks for the advice, anyway! I´ll take it into account :)

  6. I love that first photo! So dramatic. I hope you find some relief from the stress soon. I usually drink a glass of wine and watch Netflix - we rarely watch anything on TV so doing it occasionally is a great way for us to disconnect from the world.

    Or go dancing!! That's the best solution of all, for me! :)

    1. A good glass of wine with better halves is always a good way of feeling better, I guess. Very wise from you :)

  7. Hello dear! I need to appologise you I havent left any comment here until now, I keep your blog open, but have been busy this days and never have enough time to do everything I plan :( I love to visit museums and galleries too! This place you went to looks really nice, but I must mention that you also look amazng here! Your hair is so long! Very pretty and I love your outfit, black is the best colour in the world, those sunglasses (yes, I remember I have the same haha), and those high heels! Amazing! :)