martes, 28 de enero de 2014

The Secret List

I have a secret list.
I am sure many of you do, but maybe you don´t call it a secret list (indeed, mine is not secret neither but I like to call it that way, just for the shake of keeping the mistery around). 
What I really have is a DO list or a wishlist, a list about all the places I wanna go and the things I want to do.

lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Late Christmas Loot (second edition)

It begins to look like a tradition to me posting about my Christmas presents when the new year has already begun. 
But you know, I´m the kind of person who spends the holiday jumping from one to another, so planning a proper blog entry during Christmas is actually difficult.
So here I am again this year, merrily showing my Yule loot to you in the first fortnight of January.
I hope you enjoy it!

viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Small vices (and some afternoon tea)

First goes first, so Happy New Year everyone.
I hope you all had a memorable day accompanied by your beloved ones.
The last few days of the year have been a relaxing balm of happiness to me and my partner as long as we decided to leave stress behind a have a good time together.
These pictures are an illustrative example of it.