lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Late Christmas Loot (second edition)

It begins to look like a tradition to me posting about my Christmas presents when the new year has already begun. 
But you know, I´m the kind of person who spends the holiday jumping from one to another, so planning a proper blog entry during Christmas is actually difficult.
So here I am again this year, merrily showing my Yule loot to you in the first fortnight of January.
I hope you enjoy it!

♥ The first present I opened on Christmas Eve (The Gentle One and I are too impatient to wait until Christmas morning) was this beautiful Art Noveau notebook.  I went to totally breathless! You don´t know how much I love Mucha´s illustrations, so this little jewel was quite of a surprise. If you pay attention, you can even notice the setoff details on the cover. Ans some part are coloured golden!

♥ I think I already mentioned what a bookworm I am. So this year my presents were a little over the top on the bookey side. I did not bring all my books with me to Romania (moving my entire library would require time, lots of money and very strong men!) and I was feeling pretty nostalgic about it. Besides, I don´t like Ebooks, though I recognize they can be practical, specially on my situation. As a consequence of all it, I was missing a good dose of paper reading and (thanks Heavens for boyfriends!) my better half decided to solve it. So here you can see specimens from John Cleland and Fitzgerald
Don´t you adore the roaring twenties cover on the right?

♥ Then I got this amazing book... wait it´s not a real book!
In fact, it is a book shaped tin box to keep tea inside. Two of my favourite things in the world together to make me happy. And not to speak about the glorious smoked Green Tea flavor.

 ♥ More books anyone? 
I was also given this lovely editions from Wordsworth Classics by Henry James and D.H. Lawrence.
You probably noticed my Anglophilia already...

♥ And of course, Virginia Woolf is always a MUST in my reading list. 
On the other hand, the sweet pomegranate scent in this body lotion from Bath and Body Works is a total delight. I wish you could smell it for a second!

Well, these are the presents I could capture on a picture for now, but not the only ones, indeed.
I received a gorgeous angora jumper as well as other two AMAZING presents.
The first one was a Russian countess style cape!
 I had seen it at Marks and Expensive Spencer before Christmas, but I was not even dreaming about buying it because of its price. 
But Santa decided I had been a good girl the whole year!
I´d love to include it in this post, but I think it is SO stunning, that it deserves its own post.

That was good enough BUT the fifth of January (the real Spanish day for presents) I got something else:

♥ A ticket for the European Lolita Meetup at Gibson Hall, London!
I have writen about my love for the nineteenth century as well as the Classic and Gothic Lolita subculture before, so no need to say I almost died of happiness when I was given this TOTALLY unexpected last-minute gift.

So tell me darlings, did you get lots of treassures?

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  1. Ah, that journal is exquisite!! And I'm jealous of the tea tin - so clever, and such a lovely piece to set out in the kitchen.

    I hope you will write about the Lolita meetup! From those two photos, I can tell it must be an amazingly elegant affair. Can't wait to see more pictures!

    1. In relation to the Lolita meetup, I am really looking forward! So hopefully, I´ll have the chance to take like a thousand pictures and make a lovely post in here. Unfortunately, it is celebrated in April, so I´ll have to wait a little bit (which is not good because I can be very impatient :P).

  2. Aw you got so many amazing books!!! Including the tea box :D I wish I'd gotten more books this year, seems people decided I have too many :( hahaha I'm so happy that you're gonna go to the lolita meetup <3

    1. Oh! That´s so bad, I think I would fly off the handle if one fine day people would just presume I don´t need more books. My anger would be epic! (Ok, now I am imagining myself sleeping on my bookie treassure like Smaug the dragon, ahahah).

    2. Hahaha I kind of imagine that when I am old, surrounded by ten cats or so :D

    3. What a couple of oldie mad ladies we are going to be then! Hahahaha :P

  3. Books are such a necessity at Christmas time and you certainly hit the jackpot! I need to add more classics to my library after seeing these! The lolita meetup sounds like it will be a very decadent affair! I hope you have fun planning your outfit for the evening and I assume there will be plenty of pictures for us to see afterwards!!

    1. To be honest, I just collect classics as I don´t really like modern fiction (well, I make concessions to the horror genre, but that´s a different story). For me the classics contain the true universal conflicts, something which is absent in most modern books. And not to speak about the frequently beauty of the scenarios!

      And as for the meetup, I am planning to play paparazzo over there, so I am sure there will be a lot of good material for a post! Hahaha... :P

  4. I love Mucha! My dream is to have a foldable wall (paravan? not sure how it's called in english) with his illustrations :D
    I totally agree with you, I don't like ebooks as well, they can never replace the actual book experience (and the smell♥)..I live in two distant places and I still don't want to get a ebook reader...I hoard books in my dorm and once a year my dad comes to collect me and my stuff to come home for summer (last year I came with 40 new books..) :D I like your taste in books, btw :D
    And yay Basilur! I fell in love with this brand so much (tins! Everything is better in a tin:)) :) However, some of their flavours are a bit unusual for me and I have to get used to them :D

    1. Exactly! The experience of paper eading is totally different from my point of view. I enjoy turning the pages, touching them, marking my favourite paragraphs with a pecil and, as you said, even the smell is delightful...

      I just discovered Basildurm but I suspect this is the beginning of a great frienship...

  5. You got some lovely things! I always ask for classics when it comes to books at Christmas too, as I'm still building up my collection! I'm actually going for tea at the D.H Lawrence heritage centre next week, I'm quite excited!

    I do hope you'll be posting photos from your Lolita meetup! From those photos it looks like it will be wonderful!

    1. Classic books are a must for the holiday in my opinion :) At least it´s always with the power of making me smile always ♥