sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

Blue eyes say, Love me or I die; black eyes say, Love me or I kill thee

After a couple of weeks that I only can describe as killing, I am free again. 
Well, quite free as long as I had to go back to my classes and seminars, which started on Wednesday.
I hardly survived to my September exams and it could be said that I did it pretty unharmed considering the circumstances. 
Do you know that kind of annoying period when you seem touched by the faerie of bad luck? Oh, I am sure you are laughing, but don´t think I am joking. The faerie of bad luck is somewhere out there, and I won´t stop until I catch her (or until I can take a good picture of her to demonstrate her physical existence to the whole world, at least).

What happenned to me for speaking like a lunatic?
Get ready to smile (or cry, not even sure indeed):

  • Little day-to-day tragedy #1: I made a mistake with one of my exams by thinking it was a different day. Inmediate consequence: yes, I missed it! However, the teacher was very comprehensive and let me make it three days later. But I had lots of linden tea in between. And when I say lots I really mean it. I think some linden tea maker is really rich right now.
  • Little day-to-day tragedy #2:  To step aside from all the hard stress produced by the little day-to-day tragedy #1, The Gentle One and I accepted the invitation of our friends to spend last weekend at their place. They live in a pretty small place by the sea (literally, their house almost touches the sand of the beach), so I decided to get rid off my sun aversion and put my bathing suit in the case. Right, exactly as you think: on Sunday morning we had the coldest day this month.
  •  Little day-to-day tragedy #3: In the top of all this I was clumsy enough to rip three pairs of tights. Besides I lose one entire pack of hairpins, spilled coffee on my favourite skirt and an entire bottle of eau de toilette on my bed (I have to admit that now it smells like heaven. Like having a too big piece of heaven at home).

 Shirt : Zara  / Skirt : H&M  / Tie : Random shop/ 
 Brooch : Handmade/  Tights : Calcedonia/  Boots : Gift from The Gentle One /
 Handbag : Gift form my sister (bought in Tokyo)

As you can imagine, at the end of the past week I was a pale-shaking-tiny-thing that only prayed for no more accidents. But ey, better halves are true heroes in that kind of occasions. They always know how to make fun of gloomy days and take you out for having some tasty white tea with mandarin and a funny photoshoot.
God blesses anonymous heroes! 

Oh, the winner of the give away will be announced very soon!
Be sure to enter the event. 

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

First Anniversary Give Away

I cannot truly believe it´s been a year since I started updating this blog.
I began thinking I would probably get easily bored of it, but through these twelve months I met really charming and interesting people out there and this place eventually became one more facet of my life.
I have to confess that, for me, posting here is kind of relaxing. A therapy against stress. And do you know what? Besides it is cheaper than a psychoanalyst!

Now seriously, I want to thank everyone in the blogosphere by giving a little offering.
The give away consists on a handmade flower ring, a couple of polka dots vynil hair pins, a handmade key pendant and a beautiful black lace handband (that can be also used as a chocker).

All you have to do for having the chance to get the prize is being a follower of this blog (if you are not a follower yet, you can become one) and leave a comment below. The comment must contain a suggestion about what kind of contents you do like here or would you appreciate me to add to my blog.
You can get an extra participation (I´ll put your name twice in the raffle) if you leave a link to this give away in your own blog. 
The contest is internationally opened!

Good luck, everyone!

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Someone special

Happy Sunday everyone!
The most of the week I´ve been away, I am sad to say that my September exams are the ones to blame.
But in the middle of this boring and consuming study routine I visited Victorian Kitty´s place ( Check the place of this charming lady) and she proposed a blog event for September feating someone who is really special to us. And as I am such as predictable sweet person, I have chosen The Gentle One for this occasion.

This picture belongs to the only existing professional studio photoshoot of us together

(Credits to: Jose Gutierrez Carou)

We have been together for almost eight years now and I am glad to say that if soulmates exist, well, we rocked it to find one to each other. I could spend the whole day telling you the most crazy stories about our relationship; how (for example) I deeply hated him in our first meeting. Being a big fan of Jane Austen our story had to begin like the first impressions between Elisabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. But ey, life is not always drama and we fixed it soon (just like Austen´s characters did). And besides, Regency fairy tales are even funnier if they are set in a gothic ball background.

So this ornery bookworm, tea addicted and cat fanatic met that second-hand-books-maniac and cheerful insomniac and, after some amusing plot twists that could have made laugh to any sitcoms friend, the moved in together and started a second season of a glorious imaginary tv series.

Now you have your own chance to join this beautiful event at Sophistique Noir.
Just follow the instructions and let the world know who is special to you.