sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012

Blue eyes say, Love me or I die; black eyes say, Love me or I kill thee

After a couple of weeks that I only can describe as killing, I am free again. 
Well, quite free as long as I had to go back to my classes and seminars, which started on Wednesday.
I hardly survived to my September exams and it could be said that I did it pretty unharmed considering the circumstances. 
Do you know that kind of annoying period when you seem touched by the faerie of bad luck? Oh, I am sure you are laughing, but don´t think I am joking. The faerie of bad luck is somewhere out there, and I won´t stop until I catch her (or until I can take a good picture of her to demonstrate her physical existence to the whole world, at least).

What happenned to me for speaking like a lunatic?
Get ready to smile (or cry, not even sure indeed):

  • Little day-to-day tragedy #1: I made a mistake with one of my exams by thinking it was a different day. Inmediate consequence: yes, I missed it! However, the teacher was very comprehensive and let me make it three days later. But I had lots of linden tea in between. And when I say lots I really mean it. I think some linden tea maker is really rich right now.
  • Little day-to-day tragedy #2:  To step aside from all the hard stress produced by the little day-to-day tragedy #1, The Gentle One and I accepted the invitation of our friends to spend last weekend at their place. They live in a pretty small place by the sea (literally, their house almost touches the sand of the beach), so I decided to get rid off my sun aversion and put my bathing suit in the case. Right, exactly as you think: on Sunday morning we had the coldest day this month.
  •  Little day-to-day tragedy #3: In the top of all this I was clumsy enough to rip three pairs of tights. Besides I lose one entire pack of hairpins, spilled coffee on my favourite skirt and an entire bottle of eau de toilette on my bed (I have to admit that now it smells like heaven. Like having a too big piece of heaven at home).

 Shirt : Zara  / Skirt : H&M  / Tie : Random shop/ 
 Brooch : Handmade/  Tights : Calcedonia/  Boots : Gift from The Gentle One /
 Handbag : Gift form my sister (bought in Tokyo)

As you can imagine, at the end of the past week I was a pale-shaking-tiny-thing that only prayed for no more accidents. But ey, better halves are true heroes in that kind of occasions. They always know how to make fun of gloomy days and take you out for having some tasty white tea with mandarin and a funny photoshoot.
God blesses anonymous heroes! 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Oh dear, i have a wonderfully disaster month myself and.. well pretty much everything you said. I was feeling like a the gollum after a while and begging to end this torture. This fairy must be a bitch for putting as in to all that! I just hope that everything happens for a reason!!
    BUT you look absolutely amazing in your outfit and i like that you put some purple details on it!! Just lovely!!!!! <3 Hoping for some rest sweety :))

    1. Gollum is an image that perfectly summarizes the result after all that annoying anxiety. But ey, nothing lasts forever. Not even bad luck, I am sure!

  2. I am glad that you have just finished all your exams! You made me laugh because of the "faerie of bad luck". Just because yesterday in the German Course we had a roll play and guess what...
    I was the faery of bad luck!!!!!
    In the roll play there were 3 faeries, the bad one, the good one and the silly one ;)
    You look amazing in the pics! And I tell you one secret I am also in love with Calzedonia tights. I like how they fit and they last long.
    I will tell the faerie of good luck (a blonde girl from Tampere, Finnland) to visit you soon!
    Sheila Calavera

    1. What a funny coincidence, indeed. But that´s another evidence pointing out to my bad faerie existance theory: there are too many people talking about her, so she has to be real :P

  3. love your outfit <3 its so classy <3

  4. Sometimes we just need a break for life, don't we? Damn, I wish you catch that little unlucky fairy and make her pay ,i think people have a long list of things to tell her anyway, hope she chooses another target soon..
    Loved the outfit, very corpgoth, and that boots are gorgeus. Amazing hair btw.

    1. Corpgoth is a tag that did not come to my mind when I first took the pictures, but you are absolutelly right. I think I am gonna add that label to the post. Thanks for observing!

  5. I know those kinds of weeks very well, when nothing ever seems to go as planned and everything seems so frustrating!! Me and my other half were supposed to be at my Mums this week but something came up which means it couldn't happen (family problems suck) so now we're having a week at home which will is nice but it also means £150 train tickets are down the drain and we can't get a refund.. Urgh! Other little things are making up for it though, like yummy smelling candles, Hallowe'en décor and good movies! :)

    I love your boots, they have a lovely Victorian look about them and look awesome with the purple tights! I hope you week ahead gets better! ~♥~

    1. Sorry to hear you had so many problems to visit your family. Besides, I hate it when tickets are not refundable, it makes no sense, does it?

      Thank you very much for all the flattery, you´re always so nice ♥

  6. Just think bad things come in 3's as well as in wave you're sure to gave good things coming your way!!!
    You outfit is beautiful by the way I really like the 2nd/3rd photo where the lines of the planks are pointing towards you.

    1. I like your philosophy, it gives hope to me. I am normally a little negative, so maybe that´s the reason why I sometimes have large bad luck periods coming over me.
      I think I should change my vission :-)

      Oh, and thanks for the reference to the third pic, my boyfriend did his best ♥

  7. Congratulations on finishing your exams! I know exactly what you mean about those weeks where nothing seems to go your way! I think I'm due a spell of bad luck, probably when I start back at uni next week! Hopefully this means that you're due a period of good luck now!

    You look lovely! Your boots are beautiful.

    1. I think we need a good luck spell then, just to fight tha bad luck periods.
      Thank you darling, your compliments make me blush.

  8. I kept your blog open last few days and I feel stupid I havent left a comment yet! First Im going to say you look really nice on those pictures, I love your figure! And the whole outfit.
    Im so sorry about so many bad things that happened to you! Especially about the exam! To make you feel better I must say things like that happen to me quite often, last week I went with my boyfriend to see Dr Who Experience, an exbihition with items from the tv series, I wore my fav lace up boots, tights and dress, and I forgot to put some thick socks on, and these stupid shoes made my feet painfull after 20 minutes of walk as tights were too thin. I felt like I was walking on fire for the rest of the day, such a simple thing ruined that day a bit even if I had fun, but we were in a different town and it was lot of walking there, so I was in pain all the time. But you know, I noticed there are also good things that always happen after something bad.

  9. Oh, God! I can totally imagine how painfill it was. Sometimes I don´t pay attention to that kind of details either and then I get into trouble. Speciallly with shoes, yes! My foolishness sbout shoes is so legendary that my friends usually ask me about being sure of dressing comfy shoes before we hang around together :P

    But I hope you had a nice day at Doctor Who´s echibition anyway!
    My little sister would kill for going to that!