domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

Fandom alert post: Slytherin pride.

Every year around May Bucharest celebrates the East-European Comic Con which, as the name implies, it is the most important fan event in this side of the continent. I´ve been regularly attending for three years, as I do enjoy a good dose of video games, graphic novels, role games, and fantasy/horror/sci-fi movie screening. For a long time now, I´ve felt fascinated about cosplay too and I attend the official contest to admire all those wonderful cosplayers every single time. However, as I am quite a shy person, I never had the balls to go as any of my favourite characters to the event itself. I always start planning things, but one way or another I always find an excuse to procratinate on the dress making process, and eventually I always give up...

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016

MAC Diva review.

By now you probably know I rarely post any spontaneous beauty reviews. However, when I find a product I truly like, I can make an exception and talk a little about it. As you certainly guess, this is totally one of those unusual occasions.

During our little Vienna holiday two weeks ago (more on that coming later), I accidentally stumbled upon a MAC Cosmetics store and decided to stop and have a look. I should explain that, although we do have a shop in Bucharest, it is quite a small one and unfortunately its stock is normally quite modest for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, its Austrian counterpart was reasonably interesting in terms of supplies, so I took the chance for a quick look.