viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Dark circle beaters for pale girls

I am pale. Very pale. 
Actually, in words of my family almost traslucent, (which is not a total overstatement if you consider you can see my veins through the skin in most parts of my body, oops...) Now, you can think that´s suppose to be desirable, something of a natural fashion on any alternative lady who wears black, mostly. 
Sure: white skin, dark hair, red lips. Dita von Teese and all that jazz.
Glamourous... Theoretically.
 When you are that pale you have a double chance to suffer from dark circles, or more exactly, to suffer from very distinct ones.
 On top of that, I have been experiencing sleeping issues lately. The morning result is a tired-looking and puffy-eyed Violette, whose dark circles are observable from around the International Space Station.
Yeah, not so glamourous, right?

domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

What I did in December.

Now that January is almost over (gosh, where did the month go?) it´s time to come back to old blogging habits, and that means a new update from my monthly round-up. So here you have a little description about what I watched/bought/tried and visited during December. I hope you find it interesting! 

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Cerralbo museum

During my stay in Spain I had little or no time to post about my holiday adventures.
As a result, I realized there is a lot I didn´t tell you!
Yeah, you probably don´t really care that much because... well, because after all is just other people´s holiday and has been a long time since Christmas was over. 
But even so, I thought it could be worthy to write a bit about the best of it. That´s part of the blogging fun, isn´t it?

When we first arrived to Madrid last December, The Gentle One asked me to go with him
and visit a place which, in his own words, "you won´t probably like too much".
And as weird as it sounded, I thought he was actually craving to see some place he enjoyed, but where I would have a not-that-amusing time.
Yes, you know how it is when you love someone: sometimes you have to make concessions. LOVE. Right.

lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Don´t try this at home

This week Sunday´s post (a.k.a yesterday´s post) had to be delayed due to some inconvenience.
Specifically, due to the consequences of a little accident I had on Saturday morning. Before you go all worried about me, I must reassert it was actually a minor event, although it could have been quite serious under the circumstances, which I will explain to you in a moment.
Well, first of all I should clarify this very event had nothing to do with my own clumsiness. I have told you about it repeteadly, so you know recognizing my lack of ability is not an issue. In this ocassion, the direct cause of misfortune was other people´s behaviour. Now I will put it on record.

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

First outfit of the year.

Outfit rundown: shirt - Spin Doctor (previously featured here) / jumperskirt - custom made / headband - DIY.

One thing I hate about after-holiday is the feeling of boredom.
Somehow, it looks like everybody agrees that once the Winter break is over, there is no room for fun on daily life. Most people takes all the beauty of the season (bright colours, parties, elegance and anything vaguely interesting), put it on a chest, and throws the key until next year. That´s it. No more excitement ´till next December.
I never understood that kind of attitude, to be honest.

Ok, yes, I KNOW we all feel a bit depressed after holiday (or VERY depressed, if like me, you must spend two hours a day in your way to work) but I´ve always thought that part of this seasonal depression comes from the perspective of no-partying-at-all we all get caught in. I hate that. I mean, raise your hand if you do think that the world is a place gloomy enough without all that "fun is over" attitude.

domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

Late Christmas loot (third edition)

It´s being a while, but I am back from my Spanish Christmas holiday (which consisted on
tons of social interaction, and food too. Actually, it also consisted on tons of drugs against influenza, but that´s a far less interesting story unless you enjoy fever & chills horror stories), and this means I am back to upload about my latest adventures too. Althought it´s been a while since Christmas Day, I thought following my old January tradition would be ok.
I already told you about my festive season presents back in 2013 and 2014, and for some reason people looked to like those, so I decided to go ahead this year.