jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Cerralbo museum

During my stay in Spain I had little or no time to post about my holiday adventures.
As a result, I realized there is a lot I didn´t tell you!
Yeah, you probably don´t really care that much because... well, because after all is just other people´s holiday and has been a long time since Christmas was over. 
But even so, I thought it could be worthy to write a bit about the best of it. That´s part of the blogging fun, isn´t it?

When we first arrived to Madrid last December, The Gentle One asked me to go with him
and visit a place which, in his own words, "you won´t probably like too much".
And as weird as it sounded, I thought he was actually craving to see some place he enjoyed, but where I would have a not-that-amusing time.
Yes, you know how it is when you love someone: sometimes you have to make concessions. LOVE. Right.

Of course I wanted to learn where we were going, but he simply shook his head and added: “Oh, just don´t worry. You´ll see". 

And that was it.
Next morning we headed to the mistery place (which in my imagination was already being portrayed as some smoky basement full of Indie music fans) and stopped when we arrived to the back door of a massive old house, where I was encouraged to go in.
I fell a bit unreceptive, but just followed him into the house.

When I first saw the big Victorian hall opening behind the back door, all full of classic sculptures, Venetian glass and Renaissance pictures, he approached me humorously to ask if I disliked the place too much. By then I couldn´t answer, because I was already in TEARS, suffering a bad attack of Sthendal Syndrome.
I love him (and hate him) when he does this kind of thing to me...

Cerralbo Museum belonged to the marquis of Cerralbo, where he lived but also brought together his collection of art. A very similar compilation to the one displayed at Wallace Collection in London. And when I make such an assertion, I really mean it: at Cerralbo you can find works from Zurbarán, Ribera, Tintoretto or Van Dyck, among others.
If you go to Madrid, please, book some time to pay a visit to Cerralbo and then come back to me. I am quite sure you will say thank you.

So tell me darlings, where was the last time you experienced such a pleasant surprise?

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  1. I definitely care about your adventures! I love being able to see places that I will probably never be able to visit myself, and you always choose the most beautiful places to visit. The staircase is absolutely stunning! Very opulent. I would love to visit someday!

    1. Aw, that´s very nice from you Claire! Thank you very much for your words.
      I have got a natural tendence to visit classic monuments, art museums and old mannors, so I guess that´s what you are so kindly referring to :) I really hope you can make it to visit Madrid one day. This is a place yo would adore.

  2. Sounds like an adventure! These are beautiful photos.

    I am glad I stumbled across your blog. You have a new follower in me :) I'd love love love if you could pop over to mine?


    1. I am very happy you found my blog, Georgi. Please, be very welcome and feel to comment any time you like.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is eye candy!!! Imagine living there for a second, strolling from room to room, surrounded by those amazing items! I think I will dream about this all day long! <3 You are so lucky sweetie, and kudos to Sebastian for this! :D

    1. Actually, that was all I could think about! I mean, the Cerralbo family lived there and organized special ocassion dinners, poetry night and formal balls. I think I could die of happiness by experiencing something like that ♥