lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

What I did in August

I can’t believe it’s been (almost) a month since I last did one of these posts. 
 Another thing I can’t believe: the fact that I’ve kept a monthly series going for a full four months without giving up on it! 
The most remarkble is I am not bored of it at all (and really hope you are not bored either...)

Although August temperatures were quite extreme, I managed not to weaken
and could enjoy great adventures. 
Also, some lovely news made this month the best this year!
In between, this month I...

On August the 18th it was my birthday.
As you may have already read, this year I got engaged the same night I was turning thirty-one.
So I can basically say this year I had the most memorable night ever.
I took the pictures above when we arrived to my favourite restaurant here in Bucharest
(a 1860 house transformed into a fancy restaurant) and just a few minutes before
the big surprise hit me.
Looking at the pictures now, I can see how innocent and unaware I was,
but maybe it´s just my own impression. 

I have bought many things this month (mostly cds, new clothes, and books)
but I think I am going to focus on the makeup department in this ocassion.

Autumn is not here yet, but somehow is starting to show itself with some subtle signals
(nights start to be chiller and early morning hours are cooler too)
so I needed no more reason to feel inspired and look for some seasonal colours.
My nails are already wearing these beautiful sparkling
ruby red  and pumkin nail polishes.

I got a pretty mate black too, just because is always good
to have another black laquer, but also because the Halloween spirit is already
displaying on me ♥

They all belong to Gabrini Cosmetics, a little Spanish company.
All their colours (or at least all I have tried) have good cover and don´t crack easily.
Plus, they last quite a lot on mint condition with a simple base coat.

♥ Autumn leaves  (left) is a dainty coppery, also sparkling, and slightly rusty orange.
Just the type of colour you associate with Fall.

♥ Black Mate absorbs light, just as any dark new moon night would.
I am very happy about its opaque finish, as it is perfect to match with some
glossy black for a more complicated design, or even simpleFrench-style

♥ Ruby Red  (right) is a deep crisom spattered of little glitter particles.
It´s deep shine makes me think of  China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

 The Gentle One have agreed it is easier for us to get married here in
Bucharest, as preparing something as important as a wedding living
abroad would be a continual source of stress.
After that, we were told it is truly important to book ONE YEAR in advance (what?!) because these celebrations are huge and people tend to make it a very complicated
kind of event. We had decided to celebrate our day next Autumn, and most probably,
in September: of course we went  into panic a bit worried
(yes, it looks like we are the type of people over-plannifying things too), and decided to start looking for potential venues.

But against all predictions, the second location we visited totally stole our hearts.
The Elisabeta Theatre is an impressive 1912 building, constructed on Rococó 
and Art Noveau styles.
From the very beginning, we were sold to it! ♥
We booked the date the same day we visited for the firt time, and although
there are many other details to fix up yet, we KNOW our reception
and ball will be a success.

So tell me darlings, what have you been into this month?

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  1. Oh the hall were you are going to throw your wedding party is stunning!!

    1. Thanks, dear! I do think it is something special. In Spain I would have not had a chance to find a place like that without hetting bankrupted.

  2. There are such amazing places in Bucharest! I love that room! What a wonderful place to get married! Happy birthday again! I hope your next year is marvellous!

    1. Thanks a lot for the good wishes, Laura! ♥
      As I said, we both fell int love with the place at first sight, so we won´t need a lot more to enjoy plenty. I have this positive feeling everything is going to run smoothly :)