lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Third blog anniversary give away

Happy Sunday, everyone!
This week I was having my normal routine of work, early Halloween rituals 
(basically consisting on horror movies marathons, book and decor shopping, pie baking...) and my typical seasonal chills, when I suddenly remember this month is 
the third blog anniversary!
I can´t believe I almost forgot about it. Well, I actually do.
Not only because I am really clueless, but also because this week my health is 
playing hyde and seek with me, and I am partially inside my own little bubble...

Anyway, as yesterday I had to go outside to manage some stuff, I took
the chance to approach my favourite bookshop. I mostly like the place, 
as it is the typical one where you can find literature, teaware, infusions and candles.
 Now, if you have been reading me for some time you already know they are few of my favourite things.
Consequently, I thought it could be a good idea to give some of those away to
celebrate and thank you all for your support ♥ 

What must you do to participate?
It is very easy:

 1. Be a follower of the blog.
2. Leave a comment on this entry, if possible, I would appreciate some feedback (what you would like to see next, what kind of posts you like the most, or whatever you find interesting).

3. If you want an extra chance, you can also share this give away on your own blog or even on Instagram.

If you are the lucky winner, you will get:

  • Two lovely autumnal Yankee Candle tarts: Amber Moon and Vanilla Chai.
  • A Wordsworth Classics collection of vampire tales.

I will be announcing the winner on October the thirteenth, so hopefully
your prize will be at home just for Halloween.

Good luck everyone!

15 comentarios:

  1. Ooh! I'd like to be entered for this giveaway. :) I don't have much feedback to give because I like your blog the way it is. I followed you because I was really drawn to your photography. I'm also a fan of fashion and I like your style, so I personally enjoy fashion related posts. Congrats on your third blog anniversary!

    1. Thank, Ms. Ladyfair! It is really nice to see you enjoy what you read and see in here :)
      I´ll write down your name in the give away list!

  2. Happy 3rd blogoversary! What a wonderful giveaway.

    I love the fact that you celebrate beautiful things on your blog; a lace dress, a yummy pastry, a beautiful old door. That is why I come back and read you :)

    1. Oh, I appreciate your perspective and opinion. I try to live by giving value to every little daily thing. After all happiness is not always about huge things, is it?

  3. Ooh, these are some of my favorite things, too!! I'd love to be entered into the drawing, if you can ship to the US? I will share on my blog and Facebook and Pinterest, too (I almost never use Instagram - it's too hard to reformat my outfit photos into squares! Lol).

    Congratulations on your 3-year Blogiversary!! Here's to many more wonderful posts in the future. My only request would be more outfit posts, of course! :D

  4. (sorry if you get two comments from me - I'm on my iPad and it doesn't play nice with Blogger blogs! I'm not sure if my previous comment went through!)

    These are some of my favorite things, too! I'd love to be entered, if you are willing to ship to the US. I'll share this on my blog, Facebook and Pinterest, too (I rarely post to Instagram - it's too hard to reformat all of my outfit posts to be square - lol).

    Congratulations on your 3-year blogiversary! Here's to many more wonderful posts in the future. My only request would be more outfit posts, of course! :)

    pS: hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Of course I will take you into account for the give away. Sending to US is not a problem at all, as this is just a little care package :)
      I do appreciate your continuous feedback and the time you spend on leaving comments in here. Thank you SO much! ♥

  5. This time of year, it is pretty easy to get lost in oneself. I haven't been able to post in weeks because of it. I love your outfit posts and your traveling posts the best.

    1. Yeah, I have been feeling quite sick lately, which always helps to stay away from the net too.
      Nevertheless, I hope to be back to my normal posting habits soon!

  6. Hi!!!
    I have been following this blog since you told me about it in that Halloween party. What I most like about it is how good it is written in English. Each word, adjective and expression has been chosen with style and wisdom. I like the photos, specially the combination of trips, fashion and culture. Sometimes you can find a lot of blogs that are only about fashion, or about make-up, or just boring miscellany stuff. I like Romania very much, and I really appreciate the photos you post about how is really living there (and not just visiting Bukarest as a tourist).What I would like to see in the next posts is a bit more about the books you read, how are the gothic partys in Bukarest or Romania, any customization or DIY that you could have made in the past and how did the result worked :) Sheila Calavera

    1. So happy to see you read my blog on a regular basis! ♥
      I try to post a bit about everything, as this is more a personal blog than just a fashion/beauty/photography one. I hope you keep enjoying it in the future!

  7. Oh this is lovely! A good read and a scent that puts you in the perfect mood.

    1. I thought this could put anyone in the mood for Halloween. Very good luck in the contest, Linnea!

  8. First of all, hope you get better soon my dear. The weather is actually suitable for getting sick, so be careful. Second, i envy you for having places to go for Halloween (our usual) decoration shopping!! It would be nice to show us your Halloween home collection (or decorations from your home in general!) Also, i love seeing your outfits and maybe skin care products and make up. Not to mention your lovely photographs of various places in city (and not only). I like pretty much everything you post! And perhaps some books reviews or your book collection?! Oh gosh i wrote you so much :P And happy third year blogging! :D (That boookkkk!!!!!!<3<3<3)

    1. Hi Magda! I am feeling better now, so I will be posting about my October this weekend.
      This year I am behaving a bit picky about Halloween shopping, as I would like to start buying quality stuff rather than just tacky decor. You will be definitely seeing some of those finds soon!