sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

Halloween countdown

As I already mentioned, my last two weeks and half consisted on long couch and blanket seasons, hot lemon tea, fever and chills.
Nevertheless, I decided not to let my spirits down, and spent my forced extra spare time by syntonizing with the season and oficially starting my Halloween countdown.
In other words, as I had to stay at home as much as possible,  I would download a ton of horror movies, selected half a dozen of ghost and ghoul stories from our bookshelves, dusted the Autumn decor, and listened to some (low volume) music.

First, I am going to tell you a bit about my late thematic readings.
Before I got really sick, I went out for book shopping.
I will post about it next, but in the meanwhile I can show you the most Halloweeny pieces I found: together with my give away vampires tales copy, I bought an extra specimen for myself (how could you possibly resist the temptation?), as well as a Wordsworth Classics ghost stories compendium

As at certain point I could not leave the house without a huge dosage of dizziness which made me feel a continuous fear to fall in, The Gentle One began to bring little care presents to me. The last of them was this cute spiderwebs and skeletons lantern.
It is lovely, isn´t it?

I also dressed up a bit, although the only person who was able to see me was myself (the The Gentle One is back to his teaching position at university, so he was usually back home for dinner). As an habit, I tend to only wear pyjamas when I feel sick. 
But when I do so, I also start feeling worse about my own aspect: then my mood crumbles, my inmunological defenses collapse even more, and the final result looks pretty much like a total mess.
Like a zombies movie total mess.
A LEVEL 1 MESS, with moaning all that jazz... you know the kind.
 Anyway, I was quite unwilling to feel that way, and thought that a cute simple dress with some comfy wool jacket would be enough to keep myself warm and cheerful.
It totally worked, by the way.

Here the first picture shows some seasonal jewelry I´ve been appreciating lately, and the gracious spider webs patterns of one of the dresses I wore the most during my recovering (it looks like I am turning into some kind of "crazy cats lady" spidery variation lately...). 

During the period when I was unable to make anything else than just lying on the sofa, I watched something like a dozen of horror and fantasy movies. One of my all times favourites is Trick 'r Treat.
If you haven´t watched it, RUN AND DO IT.
Don´t even bother to finish this post, just look for it and watch it.
This is probably the most hilarious black humor Halloween film ever. Something like a lovely pasticcio for horror fanzine fans.
I won´t even talk to you until you do...

So tell me darlings, how is your pre-Halloween season going?

4 comentarios:

  1. I agree, dressing up when you feel awful can help, as long as you are not too sick to even get up!

    Oh, I hope those stories are not too scary! I love Gothic things but I do get scared easily!

    1. Yes, of course I was able to do this as I wasn´t totally constricted to bed.
      The stories are mostly Victorian, so not that scary you cannot stand them :)
      I totally recommend this book collection to you!

  2. I LOVE 'Trick 'r Treat'! It's one of my favorite movies. I own it on dvd and watch it several times a year :)