viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it

Well, it looks like the boxaholic period has finally begun.
Just before last weekend we got some of these awful cardboard boxes and started packing to face our future. I´d like to say that we are making a wonderful job but actually, the ONLY things we´ve packed so far are The Gentle One´s books. Just his books, not mine. Didn´t even try.

'Why?', I can hear you intelligently asking.
And the reason is, to be completely honest, that I don´t want to do so.
Please, do not get me wrong.
I am dying to move to Romania and start this atonishing adventure, but if only we could wake up one fine morning in our new apartment without all the Last-time drama...
The idea of packing it´s truly hard to me because, as soon as I place the first book, dvd, or framed picture in a box, I´ll be saying goodbye home and I am not ready, not quite yet anyway.
I might get started to freak out a bit here. A little bit. OK, maybe a huge bit.
We are supposed to be moving in less than a month. A MONTH, do you understand? And by then I won´t be sitting in front of this desktop computer anymore, I won´t bake cupcakes on my old oven, I won´t read books by the window (here we go with all the Last-time drama again...). Indeed, in less than a month I´ll have left this house forever.

Yes, I know this house is old (older than Matusalem, actually), and we (well, that´s The Gentle One) spend a lot of our spare time fixing up ruined supplies, but the thing is that we´ve been living here for the last seven years and a half. This house was our first house, the place where we first moved when we started our relationship. 
This shabby house is our home. And now we must leave. OMG.
Ok, I´ll keep breathing, I promise.
[Uses the asthma medicine again]

So, I decided to start documenting the little things that make me happy all around the apartment.
Like my summer reading refuge by the window, the light in my boudoir, or the glowing purple colour we painted the walls many years ago. Because someday I won´t probably remeber the place clearly, and then I´ll have my pictures at least.

miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

'Cause, you know, baby? Life is my palette

There are many bloggers I love out there.
 One of them is the gorgeous Magda, whose last post made me think about what products I would choose in the case of someone asking about my favs.

I am not a favs person
I mean, I like many films, books, writers and music bands, but it is truly difficult to me selecting the very best. Indeed, I always feel a little weird when people ask me about it: 'What´s your favourite actress?' or, 'What about your fancied food?' are just not a good way to start a conversation with me (and sometimes people can become very insistent about this type of things). 
As a logical consequence, I have chosen the cosmetics that I use currently, rather than my front-runners (because well, I simply don´t have a clear list of them).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my top ten in cosmetics!

Eyelashes. I don´t really care about brands as long as they feel cozy. The ones here are a cheap pair from Primark Beauty. They are called 'Full Look Lashes'.

Nail polish. A very basic, right? I am in love with a relatively unknown brand. Leticia Well offer a stunning finish with these raven black (colour #227) and sparkling ruby red (# 231).

Eyeshadow. I have never been a huge fan of eyeshadow, but pigments are a different universe (and I am on the boat of liquid eyeshadow too). Right now I am very fond of Detrivore´s Livor Mortis (a very dusty purple with powerful undertones).

Enlightening concealer. Totally sold to the natural look you get by using it. When I want to keep it simple, this is always my first choice. I use Softfocus Concealer by Kiko Milano Makeup.
Liquid black eyeliner. Kind of my personal signature, I'm sure you've already noticed that. The bottle in the picture belongs to H&M cosmetic line and I bought it last week during an eyeliner urgency. Usually, I prefer Yves Saint Lauren Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking, but as I mentioned I ran away of it in the last minute before an important event.

Vegetal moisturizer cream. Nothing like vegetal oil to keep your skin silky. The specimen here is Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Lotion.

Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick! My current two favs are Kiko´s  Rouge A Lévres, and Revlon´s Va Va Violet (ey, ideal name for me!). 

Fluid Comfort Foundation. Don´t try to look for it in the picture, I totally forgot to include it! However, it´s the very basic product I use everyday. Yves Rocher makes a fantastic product called Couleurs Nature. My tone is Teint Trés Clair.

♥ And of course I had to include the main tool that helps me with the basis of my everyday look. That´s the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman. Ok, it´s not a cosmetic itself but, what could I do without it?

So tell me, darlings, what are your cosmetic favs at the moment?

jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

The fine art of impersonating Violette

 Can you recognize the girl in the picture?
 She´s Violette, right? 
This friendly little bookworm who loves tea, cats and sometimes might be a bit hypocondriac.
That´s the girl, the original one.
If you know her well enough then you are already conscious of her limitated tolerance to deal with strangers on the net, plus she´s not a big fan of huge social networks.
Alright, that´s in theory.

All of a sudden, she has developed a brand new personality (maybe as a consequence of a spider bite, who knows!) and now is playing to open dozens of online profiles all through the web.
 Yes, you guessed: I´ve been impersonated

I know what you´re about to say. 
Being impersonated is totally cool, indeed it is the mark of the social  success. And normally I wouldn´t be so upset, but the thing is that this person not only stole tons of pictures from this blog (among them these, these, or these) but also used my nickname, real age, current location, profession and real name to found a net of lies in order to flirt with the first candid person unlucky enough to cross her path (it looks like she is a woman, and even more scary, one of my FB contacts).
And that´s exactly what happened: one of her victims encountered this site and after some logical questions told me all the story and showed me some important information, such as the fake profiles created by this person. 
The worst part (if you ignore my real name and basic information merrily given away) is that she even stole pictures of my beloved ones, including portraits like this, or (OH, God!) pictures of me with my thirteen years old sister. 
And you know what, people? 
For me that´s the limit!

I have serious suspects about the identity of this hussy girl, plus a couple of hackers who can work totally free for me and the serious determination to smash this person with an oficial complaint in the police.
So I beg you to forgive me if, for a while, my pictures contain an awful watermark.
Oh! And if one day I start to make silly posts about, I don´t know, low fat recipes, or cheap trips to Miami, or my last pair of Manolos, well, you may be reading the fake Violette here.

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

My Transylvanian fate

I am the kind of person who makes plans. I really mean it. 
I write a list with all I need before packing for a trip, I decide what to wear one week before a dinner out, and if I have to host people I choose the menu as well as the sheets for the guest room with time enough (and what I call time enough is considered insane by many others, I can tell you).

Obviously future is a source of concern to me. 
Double concern when speaking about career and professional choices.
I am sure some of you already know about my plans of moving to the UK in order to improve our occupation standards (The Gentle One is also very focused on his walk of life), and that was supposed to happen at some point between this autumn and next winter-tide.
I said was supposed because something else took place.

The Gentle One is fond of taking unadvised pictures.

At mid-February The Gentle One and I decided to take precautions (you never know about life, do you?) and apply for several international programs. My choice was obviously Great Britain and a modest post as Spanish teaching assistant. Meanwhile, my fiancé applied for a vacancy as Spanish language and literature lecturer. His initial idea was asking for a slot at some British university, but (oh, alas!) there was not such an option this year. So we moved to the next reasonable choice: the European continent.
Because well, we were not expecting a real chance of moving to another country apart from England, and the whole thing sounded funny and misterious to us. Were we totally senseless by playing that way with fate?

As the little unwise people we are, we totally forgot about the grants-thing and continued with our working daily routine for a while. And then, during May, I was told I wasn´t given the teaching assistant job in the UK. No need to say how disappointed I was.
But those bad feelings finally vanished and once more we forgot about all the international issue once again (yes, I told you we can be fool children sometimes), until June.

One fine morning I was still lying in bed when The Gentle One bounced into the room like a flood and simply said: 'Darling, I just received an email from the Foreign Office and I think we are moving to Bucharest'. At this point you might know me well enough to predict my reaction. Exactly. 
I totally freaked out. Like a LOT. 
 I was puzzled and couldn´t figure out how that had happened, after all, we were just playing with possibilities. And playing does not kill anyone, huh?

Sunglasses : Primark  / Jumper Skirt: Gift from my sister (Japan) /  Shirt: Zara / Tights : Calzedonia /   
Shoes : Customized/
  Bag : Brigitte Bijou (old) /  Necklace: Family heritage / Hairclips: Primark 

But ey, after some post-considerations we started framing the whole picture and decided that a couple of years in some other European capital was a good thing for both of us (lots of professional experience and good money to save up). I even got another teaching position over there, so everything looks fine at the moment.

So yes, darlings, this little Vamp girl is moving to Romania on September.
My whole family had a good time joking about spotting me in Transylvania!
Nonce, and as you can see in the pictures, I am having a lovely summer here in Spain (maybe the last one for a while).

Stay stunned, this is the beginning of an era!