jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Queen you shall be

For a time, I did really well on my purpose of stopping impulse buying.   

And then my little sister came to visit us and next thing I remember is leaving the house to get some cake (gluttony runs in the family, you can be sure), and coming back with aforementioned cake, and an elfic/Tyrell-style tiara. YES, a bloody tiara. Because... well, because I stumbled upon it at a random high street store, it was on sale, and it was stunningly beautiful, and... you never know if you´ll be invited to have tea with the queen, right? Right...? And yes, in case you were wondering, I have absolutely no justification for it, other than the very reasonable discount price and its alleged beauty. 




So more or less, my sis and I had a little drama play in the store, while trying to decide if I really needed to make the purchase. Because well, you know, sometimes the "good angel vs. naughty devil" scene can help. In order to illustrate the whole case, this is a quick reconstruction of it: 


"OMG!" I shouted. "Look at the tiara!"

"It´s cute." Said little sister playing the adult in this conversation. "But what do you need another tiara for?"

"What do you mean?" I asked. "IT IS A TIARA!" 

"Yes, I see that. But when are you wearing it?"

"You never know. I could wear it at a ball, or at formal dinner..."

"You mean, this century?" She asked skeptically. "Won´t it seat in your hat box like forever?" 

"I see your point." I answered thinking a second about it."Now stop being so thoughtful, you little sister and please, proceed to give the tiara to its future owner".

"But you just said..."


And that was it... Too many  times impulse shopping starts going out for a cup of tea and some cake. However, in my defense I decided I can use this little treasure to complete some of my Gothic & Lolita coordinates at future events (as the drafted one you can see in these pictures), or as part of some characterization for upcoming LARP games. 

So tell me darlings, what was your last impulse buying?

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  1. It IS a very lovely tiara. I myself have a hard time saying no to tiaras as well even if I don't wear them.
    My last impulse buy was a Team Mystic t-shirt for Pokemon GO :P It was cheap so it feels okay anyway.

    1. Hahahah. There´s something difficult to reject about tiaras, isn´t it? They look so dainty and smart! I wish I could have more changes to go to fancy fantasy & historical events to wear that kind of stuff.

      Mystic t-shirt sounds like lots of fun. Are you a Pokemón-GO player?

    2. Me too! I have some dresses that would be perfect for a ball or something fancy!

      Yes I am :D So it's a team shirt.

    3. Oh, don´t make me start about ball gowns! XD
      For a time, I compulsively shopped for ball skirts and corsets. I didn´t even care I don´t usually get the chance to wear that clothing style! Si I reunited a very impractical although beautiful wardrobe. Can´t we just live in Downton Abbey or such? Hahah...

    4. Haha that would be wonderful! Maybe I should gather some friends though and have a "fancy tea-party" or something where everyone is required to dress up as much as possible :'D

    5. There´s a particular LARP coming to my mind for this, actually. I am sure you will love it as much as I do! ♥ Here you go the link:


  2. Respuestas
    1. Hi, Laura! I´m not sure what city you live in, but if you have it there, you can try the accessories department in Zara. I got it there!

    2. What?! It's from Zara? I avoid that store like a plague because their window is always so repulsive to me...But this tiara is gorgeous^, so I might check if it's available in Hungary too^^

    3. Zara used to make beautiful garments many years ago (and they were good quality too, my closet is full with some of those statement pieces, even today), but since they changed their politics and started sending their new-design ugly production to the third world, I changed my mind about them. Nonetheless, I enter their boutiques with my husband now and then, as he is still shopping the brand. In many stores women and men sections are very close, so I tend to have a quick look in those rare occasions. In the last year or so, their hair accessories brand has improved a good deal, I even got my wedding headpiece from them!

  3. Hmm, I thought I commented on this post...
    Well, that tiara is GORGEOUS. Are those berries or thistles or..?

    1. Mmm...that´s strange, this is the first comment from you I get in this post.
      But anyway, I think the leaves on the sides are vines, the little flowers might be blossom flowers or snowdrops, and as for the central piece could be thistles as you said. I am not good at herbology though!