martes, 2 de agosto de 2016

My top five vamp lip products.


In the last year or so I´ve been falling into the habit of shopping less, but better quality makeup.  So now and then when I make a purchase, I try to give a chance to both medium and high-end brands in an attempt to make my own opinion. I´ve always felt a bit intimidated by the huge quantity of makeup reviews out there (am I the only one who wants to hide in a corner and cry when you receive all those contradictory reviews on blogs/youtube and so on?), and I would happily cut my right hand rather than just sitting there for HOURS trying to figure out what internet gurú is right, because well, most probably they all have a point as long as a product does not work the same for everybody. 

After carefully consideration, some research and shopping, I finally began to see what brands I prefer in terms of price/quality, which ones are a good deal, and which ones simply don´t make it for me. One of the things I am most interested about is lip products (you can totally call it a guilty pleasure, indeed!). If you have been following me for some time now, you know I have a soft spot for crimson/berry shadesSuch a surprise right? A dark mistress who loves vampy colours... But yeah, I can be a cliché sometimes, and I am totally OK with it

So here, you go: one year of wisdom transformed into my Top Five Vamp Lip Products. I hope you enjoy it!

1.  Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry by Revlon.

A lovely brownish/plum colour with creamy-light texture.  Wonderful pigmentation (very similar shade to MAC Prince Noir) and lovely scent. This brand has been a lovely discovery, and I already have a little wishlist for them.

2.  Snow White by NYX.

A lovely spice-like crimson colour (dupe for MAC Dubonnet), creamy formula, acceptable pigmentation. Not very long-lasting, but a wonderful quality for the price.

3. Revolution High-Colour in Brickhouse by Urban Decay.

Satin finish lipgloss in a beautiful true-scarlet shade. Regular lasting, but leaves a pretty natural tone when faded.

4 & 5. Diva by MAC and Long Wearing Shade in #416 by Flormar Cosmetics.

You can read two extended reviews here and here


  From right to left: Flormar #416/ Revlon Black Cherry/ MAC Diva/ NYX Snow White/Urban Decay Brickhouse.

So tell me darlings, what are your personal lip product favourites?


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  1. Hi! Good top, i like Urban Decay Brickhouse :)

    1. Hello there, Bat Orchid! Brickhouse is very cherish, you should try it if you haven´t.

  2. Respuestas
    1. Hi, Laura! Please, be very welcome. I am glad you liked the post.

  3. Respuestas
    1. It is! I can´t decide whether I prefer Diva or Black Cherry, those are my absolute #1!

  4. I love red lipstick! But only on other people, I have such small and little lips so lipstick really look sort of stupid on me sadly :P

    1. I think ed lips must definitely suit you, as you own a lovely pale complexion. But I do feel you on lips shape, most of the time I simply reshape my weird upper-lip with a crayon and that´it.

  5. I love Vamp by Sleek, it's a lovely deep dark red.

    1. I don´t know the brand, so I need to investigate. Thank you for the recommendation and please, be welcome!