domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

They say colours are more brilliant just before the storm.

We have enjoyed a long public holiday in the north of Spain this week, which means that The Gentle One and I have enjoyed some welcome extra time together from Wednesday evening. I had some schoolwork to do but on Thursday I decided that enough is enough and indulged myself with a joyful day outdoors.
My overseas sister and I share the habit of taking pictures of complete days as a funny way to keep in touch, so I thought this was a good opportunity to show a day in my life not only with her, but also with other bloggers out there. I hope you like my Friday, May 18 th.

The weather is not very reliable these days, so I don´t give too much credit to climatological predictions. It was said that rain would last the whole day but when I woke up in the morning sun started shining. The Gentle One and I decided don´t make haste and observe the weather evolution while having a little brunch (it was too late for a proper breakfast). Happily, the morning became really sunny at the end. As a result, I had a little shower, managed with make up and wild hair and finally, three kiwis, two homemade cinnamon and apple muffins, a dozen strawberries and a cup of tea later we left home. Just in case I was hungry again I kept an Italian bun on my bag (as you will have deduced, my biorythm is really fast).

We live pretty far from the city center and felt more like walking into the old town as we were in a bohemian mood. 

Althought at first it remained a little cloudy, eventually it got warmer. When we finally reached the city, the temperature was delightful and could admire flowers and plants in all their glory. The old town was busy as long as this particular party is really popular around. The lively atmosphere was an unexpected pleasure. In the last few weeks I have started feeling too isolated as a consequence of all the pressure and bad stress just before the semester exams. To break this kind of unhealthy routine is always very welcome.

After all this exercise something cool and sweet was compulsory, so we stopped for an ice-cream.

No need to tell about the ice cream´s benefits, right?

 Many stores place Spring stuff outdoors as a way of encouranging the Season. My city is really pretty with all the flowers in the balconies and people having tea in the charming coffee shops. If you like romantic and bohemian places such as Venice, Florence or Prague, then Compostela is a must seen. I´ll try to make a proper post about my city as soon as I have time enough! 

Unfortunately, the weather started getting a little annoying again about half-past six or so. This Spring is being really funny, indeed, and you can get wet easily if you don´t pay attention, so we decided looking for a nice refuge in a tea room. We found a truly good one is a narrow street while walking around. The owner bakes all the pies and cakes by herself and she serves a supreme vanilla tea in milk among other delights.
 We don´t have any chain coffee shops like Starbucks in here (which makes me glad, I am not a chain store person), and in general coffee is good everywhere but I have to say that this place was spectacular. I´ll go back soon, I am sure.

Even the ginger cookies were homemade.

While coming back home we made a stop in the library to rent some good films to watch later. There´s nothing like a movies session in a cold night. The chosen ones were Sunset Boulevard, The House of Mirth and Io, Don Iovanni.

I felt really exhausted and heavy because of all the treats during the afternoon, so I was in the capital need of having something light and healthy for supper. I must admit that my better half is a cooking angel, so he made a wonderful salad while I was playing with the cats.

The sweetheart in the picture is Wendy. I also tried to take a good one of Prim, but she is not that sociable.

After eating the super-tasty salad, we watched a movie and at the end of it I was falling asleep, so 
That´s All, Folks!

I really enjoyed making this post and I´d be happy to see more like that out there.
Have you ever thought about making a day in your life in pictures?

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Tokyo syndrome

The last five weeks have been an aquatic nightmare. It´s been rainning tirelessly for almost forty days and today, suddenly, it simply stopped. I can hardly believe it, when I first opened the windows the sun light even blinded me for a second. But it´s so nice to feel the warm on your skin again! It sounds like Spring is finally here. One can see flowers in bloom all around although I won´t be able to enjoy the season properly because of my awful semester exams. A hard time is around the corner for me but I´ll speak about that another day.

Somehow, the calm weather made me cheer up and I decided to make something different from studying grammar today. I read a non-compulsory book out of my seminars reading schedule (naughty me) and decided to go out for a little walk. My sister sent me a gorgeous lolita dress from Japan a couple of weeks ago and I hadn´t had the opportunity to wear it. Today´s attempt was just a little outdoors excursion to get some groceries from the corner´s shop but I am going to the movies on Saturday with some friends and my little sister, so there will be a new ocassion. I don´t normally put this attention towards new clothes but I am sure my charming sister living overseas would probably kill me if I do not show her how the dress fits me ;)
I didn´t really expect I was so comfortable in lolita style but I think it´s a really good choice for my body shape, even showing far much legs than I normally like to.

Just in case you´re wondering why the pictures are so strange, I must say it was my first experience with the automatic shooter. I hope to improve my skills with this little new technique, I am sure it´s not a big deal but I have to get used to it. If you have any advice to give in relation to this I´ll be glad to hear it. I am not specially good with new gadgets.

I am not very sure about the whole outfit, but I think my high heel bordello shoes match the dress pretty well.  I am also considering to add my ribcage earrings from Restyle. What do you think?

So tell me, have you tried something different or new from your regular style recently?