miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

This year higlights

My calendar reminded me it is time for another monthly round-up this week, but for December I thought it could be interesting to forget about my last month adventures and simply talk about this year´s highlights instead.

And gosh, this year has gone by so quickly! 
I can´t believe 2014 is almost over and we are getting ready for 2015. The truth is I can´t actually complain about it, as this has been a very positive period for me. Of course there are some little things I would like to have solved better, but today I want to focus on all the other small good moments and share them with you.
My 2014 highlights have been...

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Bucharest Christmas market

A couple of posts ago I mentioned one of my current favourite things about Christmas are traditional street markets. We don´t have those in Spain, so celebrating the holiday with mulled wine, sausages, candy apples and hot chocolate while having a walk around is totally new to me.
 At the very beginning I couldn´t understand why people would enjoy just spending the evening around a bunch of shops, listening to some seasonal music and trying their luck at traditional games (silly city girl, right?) but after a little while we finally managed to pay our own visit to the place in proper conditions AND without being in a hurry because of the fear to get hands totally frozen (this is a hundrer per cent literal, last December was so chilly, you could feel your fingers hurting even with wool gloves...).

sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

December wedding preparations uploaded

December has been a good month to us in terms of wedding logistics. Until now, the only thing we had managed to solve was the reception venue (which we KNOW is actually the main source of concert for most peoples) but we had a very vague idea about how to manage the rest of the preparations: should we start dealing with providers already? Do we need a wedding planner? How could we make it truly personal without spending a little fortune? (and 'Oh, God, can we afford this? PLEASE, tell me we can afford this and avoid the bankrupt!').

miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2014

Special ocassion outfit drama

 I´ve got a dramatic side, I always have had it but the good thing about it (or bad, it depends on your perspective, actually) is it just pops out once in a while, mostly during stressful situations. Once again the problem about stress is it totally depends on your perspective too: what a person considers an issue might not be necessarily a source of anxiety for another fellow.
For example, I am currently scheduling my holiday posts, as I won´t be around the internetz that much during the festive period. For many other bloggers that´s a source of stress, but to me is just ok, as long as I have proper time to plan.

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2014

Welcome to Narnia

Well, well, well, it looks like Christmas are around the corner.
 You can feel it in the air (or you can simply enter any shop, where seasonal goodies have been around for a whole month now, which is kind of CRAZY).
 Personally, the main sign for me is the end of this semester professional duties.
Yes, darlings, I am pleased to say I am officialy on holiday!
 On Friday evening I threw my boring office clothing, embraced comfy clothes, favourite tea and good book. And then next morning, we put up our Christmas tree.
This is the first year we decorate the house with actual snow outside. I have no words to explain how christmasy it feels the first time!
For me, it was like finding suddenly finding myself in Narnia.

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Winter is coming haul

 Gosh, Winter is not coming, it is already here!
When I first began composing this post yesterday, it was just slightly cooler than the previous week. Then I woke up this morning, just to find out it had been snowing all night long and now I am apparently living in Winterfell.
Yes, I know it sounds like I am overstating the situation again (I tend to sound like that when I speak about the weather) but come on, we don´t have any snow at homeland AT ALL, so this sudden white landscape always makes me freak out a bit.