lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Winter is coming haul

 Gosh, Winter is not coming, it is already here!
When I first began composing this post yesterday, it was just slightly cooler than the previous week. Then I woke up this morning, just to find out it had been snowing all night long and now I am apparently living in Winterfell.
Yes, I know it sounds like I am overstating the situation again (I tend to sound like that when I speak about the weather) but come on, we don´t have any snow at homeland AT ALL, so this sudden white landscape always makes me freak out a bit.

The thing is after one year living here, I am somehow starting to anticipate to drastic temperature changes. It is like suddenly developing some kind of Jedi sense, people.
I swear I have no idea how it happened, but a couple of weeks ago I woke up looking to the sky and thinking:

“Girl, you better jump from the bed and go shopping for Winter clothes right now!” 

There was not even a reasonable cause for that, I simply KNEW weather would go awful soon. And it did. It went colder than a witch´s tit.
But ey, this time I was ready!

First thing on the list were tights, not only because they are pretty (and they ARE), but also because you never have got stocking enough.
This pretty are also far thiker than my regular choice, however I am sure they will be super helpful.

For me, ears are a sensitive area. Two Winters ago I got an ear severe infection as a consequence of cold and I swear it was the most painful thing ever.
So fluffy black earmuffs were on the top of the list.

Next stop on the shopping town trip was the beauty department.
It´s not like I need an excuse to buy cosmetics, is it? Nonetheless, this time I really needed some extra protection against wind and cod. My skin is really sensitive and as I mentioned, I am not used to extreme weather conditions and it tends to get truly dry.
Also, my lips can crack easily (hooray!).

I bought Chapstick Classic as a friend´s recommendation, and I am happy she gave me such advice. The texture is very creamy and lasting is quite good. Also, I love the smell and sweet cherry colour it leaves on the lips.

As for the skin, I went right away to Sephora (did I mention I am kind of becoming addicted?) in the search of some vanilla scented moisturising body lotion.
Don´t even bother to ask why I like to smell like a muffin.
I simply DO. A good 80% of my moisturising choices are vanilla scented. I might have a problem there. Anyway, I was about to try my favourite lotion, when I noticed this new peonies perfumed cream. GOD. You can´t imagine how good it smells.
I´ve got a new friend.

And just to finish, I bought two wool jumpers (I already featured one of them on the blog) and a beautiful pasmina scarf (it is the pretty red roses fabric I am using as a background in this post). I would love to learn hot to wrap myself properly on the cold season, as I´ve got little experience on that field.
Any recommendation about it?

So tell me darlings, how are you dealing with cold weather these days?

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  1. You're not pleased with the snow? Lend me some! I heard we won't get to see snow before Christmas in Poland (which basically means the snow will only fall in February). But it suddenly became very very cold here, too, and I'm going layer crazy with my clothes - long skirts, petticoats, shawls and gloves which I don't take off when inside and what not. A felt hat on my head, scarf wrapped over my nose and an obligatory decent winter coat made of 100% wool with quilted lining. It's so sad the fancy gothic coats, no matter how pretty, can't withstand a severe Eastern European winter :<

    1. Well, I think it all depends on how used you are to extreme cold :) In my case, I don´t care about rain (in my homeland it normally rains about 8-9 months a year), but snow is something new for me.
      Layering is always a good idea, the more layers the better. And it is true you can´t find good Winter coats on the Gothic apparel. I wonder if they realize what a big business they are wasting!

  2. What a nice collection, such pretty things!

    I live in Australia where it only snows in a few parts of the country, not mine, and last winter was not really that cold at all, so I know where you are coming from. I like the winters here but I wish Summers weren't so muggy and hot! I am dying already!

    1. I don´t feel comfy with any kind of extreme weather, but if I have to choose, I think I prefer hot than cold: at least you can go outside at some of the day :)

  3. Drinking lots of hot chocolate and snuggling with The Boyfriend.

  4. I want snooow! But I really need to buy me some wintershoes first though xD Maybe I need a winter is coming haul to because it's very cold here.

    1. Oh, I know how important Winter shoes are, so if you´re gonna enjoy some snow during the season, you should totally start looking for them. Last year, the snow came before I managed to buy proper boots and unfortunately I suffered a couple of little accidents as a consequence.