sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Snapshots of my Easter week.

Last month I terribly failed at my monthly round-up, so I decided it could be nice to make some sort of little week summary in exchange. I actually like the idea of taking random pictures all along the week/month and share them with you. Somehow, they are a nice little testimony of life, and although I am not a great photographer (and most impressions were just captured with my phone during  spontaneous moments) I think is beautiful to treasure them.
So here you go: some random images of my Easter holiday week.
Just for your eyes!

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

It´s here!

Last weekend I woke up just to merrily exclaim:

“It´s here! It´s here!”and then, turning around to shake The Gentle One´s shoulder. " Hey, wake up. C´mon, you´re going to miss it!"

As the poor little thing is quite used to my silly enthusiast behaviour sometimes, he patiently opened his eyes and looked through the window, where my finger were pointing at the moment.
He sat himself in the bed then and had to rub his eyes to ensure it wasn´t a dream.

“Gosh” He said. "Why didn´t you wake me before? It is here!"

"Finally!" I added triumphantly.

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

First sewing project

As I mentioned last month, I bought a sewing machine.
It had been on my wish list for ages, but for one reason or another, I delayed it .
At the beginning of March, however, I decided it was time to invest some money on a little domestic machine which could help me to materialize all those projects on my forever-increasing sewing folder. I suppose the real reason to finally make a decision was the absurdly inexpensive fabric prices in Bucharest: I simply coudn´t stand the view of all those affordable materials within easy reach!
I could feel their sad looks at me.

“Take us home” they would say with their tiny voices. “We want to turn ouselves into pretty dresses!”

So how could I posibly refuse?
It was far too cruel...