jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

It was you who poisoned my mind

Do you remeber when I mentioned I had one entire holiday week and how much I wanted to enjoy it?
Well, the faerie of the bad luck was obviously listening, because as soon as I announced my fantastic plans I got sick. Without notice I woke up on Tuesday morning and looked myself in the mirror just to find that I had been converted into a red-eyes-congested-nose cartoon (it looks like the fairy had been working really hard all night).
So yes, I had lo leave all my spectacular holiday ideas involving shopping, dressing to kill extra time, writing and studying as long as there was no energy left for those activities and fever is not friends with fun.
Here I am, after three days of complete home quarantine (bio-hazard alarm ringing) doing nothing but little and boring reading for seminars, listening the same CD´s in a never ending loop, cuddling cats, and playing to organize my shoes a little bit (shoes that should be worn, not organized).

But The Gentle One is so sweet that has been looking after me all this time with a good dose of soup, cuddles and Harry Potter films, that looks like the definitive therapy for ill-timed flu, just because he´s so nice, and maybe a little bit because I can be a total hypocondriac.
But ey, once you overcome the continuous 


you can act like a normal person again (even pretending that panic attack didn´t happen) and keep going with your life, or at least with the recovery routine.
Anyway, I hope you are all having a great Easter darlings.
Lots of love!

domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

Aurum Masquerade

 Happy Sunday, everyone!
I´ve been pretty busy lately as a consequence of  job overload.
Pre-Easter evaluation is a nightmare for teachers, I can tell you: suddenly you have a large pile of exams to correct, plus half a hundred reports to write. Besides (and as an English teacher), you are charged with the responsability of deciding who is going to take the Cambridge exams and who is not.
Result? No time for reading, sleeping or eating properly.
But now I am done with it and I have one entire holiday week (hurray!) so finally I can tell you about the great masquerade ball which was celebrated last 9th of March.

The Gentle One and I plus my friends Ana and Sade at the photocall, based in one of the Venetian gardens of the palace.

Aurum Masquerade was born as an annual event (this year was its first edition) and designed to gather recreationist, steampunk, lolita and fantasy comunities in a dream location. For this purpose, the amazing Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, a beautiful 15 th century palace in the heart of the city, was chosen. The place is a mixture between Renaissance and Baroque arquitecture, full of charming ballrooms and gardens that inmediately transport you to a glorious past.

 ♥ Some of my favourite assistants (amazing ensembles, don´t you think so?)

 ♥ The amazing organization team. I love her Marie Antoinette style!

We were received by a royal crier, who announced our names before entering to the great ballroom.
After that, The Gentle One  and me were blessed with the honour of opening the ball as dance teachers!
Well, we got really nervous but I have to say that it was an amazing experience to see all the guests following the minuet steps together. 

Funny ball-opening!

After a lovely music selection formed by precious waltzes, minuets and polkas, we could taste the supper.
Dessert was yummy, with lots of cakes and fruit brochettes.
 We could also participate in a draw!
Many amazing prizes were raffled, such as brand lolita gowns, steampunk appliances and historic jewelry.
I was not lucky this time, but my friend Ana got a beautiful necklace.

The girls of the local lolita comunity together.

This moment looks like stolen from Sofía Coppola´s Marie Antoinette.

I truly love her hairdo!

My friends and I (and too much red wine at that time).

I can say that we had the most wonderful of the nights.
The general feeling was the one of being inside the pages of Cinderella and I can´t really stop thinking about next year´s edition.

So if you truly want to experience a fairy tale, come to the north of Spain next year!