viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Bits ´n Bobs

Hi again, everyone!
It has felt really great to be back, thank you much all for your nice words and supportive comments.
You are just the best! ❤️️

This Summer has been a very busy one.
To make it short (although I tend to transform any "short" story or summary on a 500 words post,
 so I beg you pardon in case the contingency is given): I shifted job
as a consequence of my fixed term contract expiring, got a new one,
spend a lot of time trying to get used to my fresh daily routine,
 had a good portion of academic stuff done (not of all it, I am afraid, but my days are not long enough),
AND found some extra spare time to suffer a couple of minor (HA!) panic attacks related to the never ending wedding preparations
(more about that on future posts, you bet!).
 As you can see, I was managing life as good as I could, but that left little time for anything else. 
 I thought I could write a little recap of the more mundane and positive side of my Summer here.
I hope you enjoy!

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

The birthday girl.

Guess who is back. 
And on her bday, nonetheless!
It´s amazing how quick this year has passed by.
My 31st year of existence has been full of laughs, love, magic and beauty (and although there were some bad moments too, I´m happy to say the good ones were more abundant).
So here I am again: all difficult moments gone, and really glad to make you all witnesses of a new stage of my life.

Happy 32 years to me!