viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Bits ´n Bobs

Hi again, everyone!
It has felt really great to be back, thank you much all for your nice words and supportive comments.
You are just the best! ❤️️

This Summer has been a very busy one.
To make it short (although I tend to transform any "short" story or summary on a 500 words post,
 so I beg you pardon in case the contingency is given): I shifted job
as a consequence of my fixed term contract expiring, got a new one,
spend a lot of time trying to get used to my fresh daily routine,
 had a good portion of academic stuff done (not of all it, I am afraid, but my days are not long enough),
AND found some extra spare time to suffer a couple of minor (HA!) panic attacks related to the never ending wedding preparations
(more about that on future posts, you bet!).
 As you can see, I was managing life as good as I could, but that left little time for anything else. 
 I thought I could write a little recap of the more mundane and positive side of my Summer here.
I hope you enjoy!

Planning our honeymoon.

As I mentioned, planning our wedding was (I have no idea why I am using the past tense, the damn thing is not totally ready yet, folks...)
quite stressful as a result of its very nature: weddings abroad can be fun,
and that´s the main reason why we decided to celebrate ours in Bucharest, but they can be also a pain in the arse, I can tell you...
Anyway, fixing up details was both, quite demanding and time consuming.  
So it was just in July when we realized we should indeed start thinking about the well deserved honeymoon vacation.
We checked up different locations, including Vienna (we loved it the first time),
 Normandie and Rome, but we finally decided it looked like the right time
to pay a first visit to Paris.
And YES, I know it sounds like a cliché (Paris honeymoon, really?) but we wanted to go for years, which was impossible with our tight budget by then.
Plus, a route about The Lost Generation is mandatory for two English literature specialists.

Road trips.

Last month, my friend Ellone, who is a piece of cake, convinced me to enroll a couple of road trips.
In one of those ocassions we visited Sibiu, up in the Carpathian belt, which is a lovely baroque jewel.
I need to go back some day definitely!

A new hobby.

Over the past months I mentioned I got me a sewing machine.
This Summer the weather was far too hot for leaving the cool comfort of the house most of the time, so I decided to make the best of it and invested some extra hours learning how to pattern.
It is a difficult skill that I try to keep improving, but I am happy to say I keep persevering,
and I am sure I will be making pretty stuff some day.

And this was my Summer, pretty much!
Oh, and in case you were wondering: NO, I didn´t manage to keep under 500 hundred words.
Sorry about that!

So tell me darlings, how was yours?

6 comentarios:

  1. We need to think about some more road trips soon! I am sure the wedding will turn out to be wonderful and I simply cannot wait! <3 *turns wardrobe upside down looking for dress* ahaha

    1. Yes! The Gentle One and I had the best of the times with you guys. I hope we can make it again asap.
      And yay! I am really excited at this point too! I am sure you're going to look glorious, babe.

  2. You will adore Paris! I visited about ten years ago and I loved it. Your dress is so beautiful too.

    1. I think so! We have spent a good dose of time planning the trip now, and I can't believe the amazing quantity of monuments and art you can see over there!

      And thank you so much for your nice words, I try to keep improving my skills!

  3. Yay, learning to sew is exciting! And it is good to be able to make nice dresses you could maybe not otherwise afford. I need to get back into it as I have lots of dresses I want to make inspired by expensive dresses!

    A Paris honeymoon sounds wonderful, not cliche at all!

    1. You are so right, Laura. Apart from goth, I've got a soft spot for vintage clothes as well as for classic & gothic lolita robes. Making clothes by myself allows me to implement my wardrobe considerably without spending a huge fortune. I am sure you know what I am speaking about.