jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

The final count down

So, it has been a while since my last wedding update here.
Although I haven´t posted about in recently, preparations have been progressing at their own pace.
Most of the errands elapsed uneventful and easy, I am happy to say.
However, a couple of essential details were delayed mostly until last minute. 

Now, those with very long memories may remember we were looking for a venue for the ceremony.
After a bunch of incidents, we thought the Gothic University House would be our best solution.
Unfotunately, we discovered it was already booked for our wedding date, and we had to let it go.
What then? 
We checked at least half a dozen of other locations without making any good progress.
After three months actively looking for a solution, we started feeling a bit VERY frustrated. 
 Also quite powerless.

One fine day, we were talking to the manager at the Edwardian theatre where we are celebrating the reception when she casually mentioned the stage room was spare on our date.
I am happy to say we will be performing our big date on a room where plays 
have been staged for more than a hundred years.
Also, we managed to find an amazing Victorian house for the photoshoot to be done.

The rest of the preparations are running smoothly now:
wedding weekend stay at our hotel is booked, holiday in Paris fixed, 
family arrival checked.
Next time I will let you know about this topic, it will be almost over, 
which is wonderful but also a little sad. 
But I hope to find some minutes during the previous event madness to make you all witnesses of our happiness.

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  1. Oooh it's dreamy! So excited for you. :)

    1. Thank you, Ladyfair. I am very happy about how things turned last, very much like we always wished. I can't believe what a short time is left now!

  2. Respuestas
    1. Thanks, Variations of Light.
      I feel the venue truly fits our taste for history and architecture. Only thing we desire now is our family and friends find it charming too.

  3. Your venue is so beautiful! It's very you! Good luck with the rest of your preparations.

    1. Thanks for the nice wishes, Claire. Luckily, there's no much left at the moment. I hope everything will be ready by the end of this week :)

  4. I hope it will be a magical day for the two of you!

  5. I hope you will have a wonderful day!