domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

My life lately (and giveaway winner)

This is a very vague testimony of my few last days this week.
As they were full with lots of twists I just could capture a couple of little impressions.
Be sure you fasten your seat belt! 

Last week has been kind of a madness since many changes burst into my life. 
The plans that I had built around a new job position collapsed, but a new (and unexpected) project showed up. 
Tarot is always a lighthouse in those ocassions.
 Well, I don´t trust it like an infallible orable; however, it always help to meditate about all my options.

As a consequence of those crazy news, now I have to deal with a narrower schedule 
which basically means a series of racing all through the city to be on time both at job and university seminars.
 On a practical level this means less time for lunch, so I try to ensure I have vitamins enough in my diet.

My seminars have already started but I refuse to admit that summer is over, so I keep
 reading child books just for pleasure.  
The Wind in the Willows is one of my favourite children´s literature classics ever.
Someday I´ll make an entire post about it! 

 Beside all this, this week I started my pre-Halloween annual research.
 What does it consist on? Good question!
Every year at the beginning of the month I put my comfy shoes on and wander around the city
 in the want of cute stuff that I can use as Halloween stuff. 
At the moment I have been sneaking a peek at candy stores.

                 ♥I also tried to improve my origami skills with no success (the beautiful butteflies above are 
my friend Elisa´s old creations), and made lots of smothies for an extra energy dose. The smoothie in the picture was made of frozen blueberries and raspberries (no chance to get them fresh here). 

 ♥ And finally: the very expected winner of the Giveaway event.
Corresponding with the original order of participants the lucky lady is (drumroll, please):

Congratulations, dear!
And to the rest of you, Thank you so much for participating.
I am sure you´ll have more opportunities in the future.