domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

My life lately (and giveaway winner)

This is a very vague testimony of my few last days this week.
As they were full with lots of twists I just could capture a couple of little impressions.
Be sure you fasten your seat belt! 

Last week has been kind of a madness since many changes burst into my life. 
The plans that I had built around a new job position collapsed, but a new (and unexpected) project showed up. 
Tarot is always a lighthouse in those ocassions.
 Well, I don´t trust it like an infallible orable; however, it always help to meditate about all my options.

As a consequence of those crazy news, now I have to deal with a narrower schedule 
which basically means a series of racing all through the city to be on time both at job and university seminars.
 On a practical level this means less time for lunch, so I try to ensure I have vitamins enough in my diet.

My seminars have already started but I refuse to admit that summer is over, so I keep
 reading child books just for pleasure.  
The Wind in the Willows is one of my favourite children´s literature classics ever.
Someday I´ll make an entire post about it! 

 Beside all this, this week I started my pre-Halloween annual research.
 What does it consist on? Good question!
Every year at the beginning of the month I put my comfy shoes on and wander around the city
 in the want of cute stuff that I can use as Halloween stuff. 
At the moment I have been sneaking a peek at candy stores.

                 ♥I also tried to improve my origami skills with no success (the beautiful butteflies above are 
my friend Elisa´s old creations), and made lots of smothies for an extra energy dose. The smoothie in the picture was made of frozen blueberries and raspberries (no chance to get them fresh here). 

 ♥ And finally: the very expected winner of the Giveaway event.
Corresponding with the original order of participants the lucky lady is (drumroll, please):

Congratulations, dear!
And to the rest of you, Thank you so much for participating.
I am sure you´ll have more opportunities in the future.

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  1. I saw a picture of an origami bat once - wish I had the talent to make a garland of those! :D

    1. Everything is a question of practice. I´d like to get better at origami too, but actually I don´t have time enough right now :P

  2. Oooooo! Aoife is the lucky winner! She'll be so happy about that! :D I used to be good at making Origami swans but it has been a few years since I tried my hand at it again! It's a fun thing to do though and a great hobby! I've seen some really spectacular Origami creations which must have taken so much time but they make amazing ornaments! Mmmm those Halloween sweets look delicious! The cats are adorable! ~♥~

    1. It is people with a really magical touch origami out there. I wish I could be one of them indeed! At the moment I am just good at making paper foxes. I gave an entire family of them to a friend of mine in her birthday and she loved it.

  3. Congratulations to Aiofe, she will really love it and cherish it all,
    I hope this new project of yours ends up in victory darling, nowadays things are harder then ever, and any chance to take a step foward it's welcome, everything is going to be ok, i trust. I do understand your aversion to schdule, i do fight with mine a lot, so i can't just imagine how it would be to combine it with uni, don't forget to rest a bit.
    I never eard of The Wind in the Willows, i have to check it out tho, if you do recomend it.
    The smoothie looks amazing, that colour it's so pretty *.*

    1. Thank you very much for all the good wishes. At this point I am a little stressed, mainly because my spare time has been notably reducted and I have to deal with all my obligations during the week and at the same time. But I am a fighter and won´t give up!

      If you have the chance, take a glance at TWITW. It´s really worth it!

  4. I use tarot to better understand my options too. I find it strangely comforting! I used to have a friend who was really food at making Origami snails and swans, I never got the hang of it though. I also love The Wind in the Willows, my parents used to read it to me when I was tiny. It's a lovely book! And yay, congratulations Aoife! :D

    1. I think tarot works as a help sometimes, specially if you need to organize your ideas. It is a good resort if you are confused and you need to clarify.

  5. Eeeee, I'm so excited, I can't believe I won! I really am enamoured by the pretty lace headband and the ornate key pendant and just everything! If you email me ( I can send you my home address! I am all over the Halloween candy and cakes too, my recent Instagram picture is testament to that! And the colour of that smoothie is amazing, such a vivid purple! I've never been a fan of smoothies, I think with the banana and yogurt, it makes it too thick for my tastes! I recently tried one that was just fruit, orange juice and lots of ice though, and loved it! But I don't know if it would still be a smoothie then :/ hahah! ♥

    1. Ey! Congratulations to you, darling! I am so glad you are happy about it! I´ve been a little busy over the week but I´ll be writing you very soon, I promise ♥

      In relation to smoothies, I consider a smoothie anything with mixed liquid fruits, so if you add something else to orange, then it becomes a smoothie for me, ahaha.

  6. Toda esta comida bonita en tu entrada me ha abierto el apetito,sobretodo esos caramelos para Halloween! Todo con tal de llevar mejor el estrés,ánimo!

    1. Los caramelos (y los dulces en general) son una de mis maneras favoritas de llevar el estrés ;)

  7. First - congratulations to Aoife *hug*

    I enwy the time you spend at University I must admit. I graduated 4 years ago and I have even planned to go farther than master degree, but I changed my mind, simply because I didnt like the atmosphere there, all those people working there were always miserable and didnt have any passion, I didnt want to become one of them, so I thought it would be pointless. I cant say I regret that, but at the moment Im hunting for a new job, and everything seems to be so boring, life become just the same every day.
    Those Halloween items are cute, if items like that can be cute ;) But they really are! I forgot to ask you before - can I contact you somehow? I cant see any email address here, I would like to mail you sometimes :) Sorry, if I asked already, or maybe I wanted but I didnt, I take lot of meds every day and sometimes I dont know what I have said already, I hate that :/

    1. In the past I noticed that many of the academic researchers I met looked pretty dissapointed about their job, and that´s something that I don´t understand at all. If you devote your life to the things you like, you should feel lucky because of that. Sometimes I think there are too many people working at university for living, just as an accident and without true passion. That´s really sad, don´t you think so?

      Of course you can contact me! My mail adress is
      I hope to hear about you soon! ♥

    2. Exactly! I felt disappointed of how they didnt give a fuck of students, like they were just because they had to. Sad.
      Thank you, I will write an email as soon as I feel a bit better :)