sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015

Reasons why October is my favourite month

A few days ago someone sent me a non-very kind message through social media.
To sum up, this person implied I don´t really like Autumn and, by following its logics, nobody does, because the season is just gloomy, ugly and cold. Also, the only reason I told so is to look "trendy", because well, now Fall is...
Whatever the reason this person had to send me this message (which I suposse it was a moody day, a bad digestion or a mixture of both things, only Heaven knows...) the point is, some people can´t see the world from a different perspective than theirs. If they don´t enjoy Autumn/Winter/wearing black colour on a glorious July day (whatever basically) nobody can.
Isn´t that sad?

So I thought I could explain why October is my favourite month of the year.
I don´t really mean to make this person to change its mind, and obviously I need no justification, but I believe it is beautiful to share personal impressions and opinions so as this is my blog:
here you have mine.

lunes, 12 de octubre de 2015

The Paris diaries: Stendhal Syndrome and Truffaut films.

Following with my Paris honeymoon blog series, I bring you the second chapter of our French diaries. This episode is full of museum, pretty paintings and waves of inconvenient Stendhal Syndrome.
I hope you enjoy it!

The Paris Diaries, day 2.

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

The Paris diaries: famous book stores, gothic cathedrals and how not to panick on board.

A bunch of days before our flight departed to France, The Gentle One and I had a funny idea: in order to keep as many of our honeymoon trip memories alive, wouldn´t be nice to write them down as they happened? I mean, not LITERALLY as they happened (because that would mean stopping every five minutes in the middle of some busy Paris street to write about remarkable things, which would be weird even for us...) but at the end of the day, while memories did still fresh enough.
And so we did! For five days we both did our best to put our grain of sand on our travelling diary.
Sometimes we won, sometimes we failed. But the important thing is we collected many beautiful and hilarious moments I can now share with you. Of course there are some very personal in that journal I can´t write in here, you see, but even so I hope you enjoy the rest of it. (Please, notice that the original journal was writen in Spanish, so I will try my best to translate the precise expressions. Excuses in advance for any idiomatic innacurancy).

So here you go:

 The Paris Diaries, day 1.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Back home.

Hi everyone!
I am glad to say we are safe back home after our honeymoon holiday.
Both, the wedding and the trip were wonderful and we couldn´t be happier in this moment.
It´s kind of strange everything is gone now, specially after so many months preparing every single detail. Also, as I briefly mentioned on Instagram, returning to our apartment has been kind of bitter-sweet, as we found our wedding day remaining flowers now drying and fading, together with the little ton of memories everywhere we need to collect and storage properly once we find the time to do it. Anyway, I am glad to say while I am writting this I am happily married!