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Reasons why October is my favourite month

A few days ago someone sent me a non-very kind message through social media.
To sum up, this person implied I don´t really like Autumn and, by following its logics, nobody does, because the season is just gloomy, ugly and cold. Also, the only reason I told so is to look "trendy", because well, now Fall is...
Whatever the reason this person had to send me this message (which I suposse it was a moody day, a bad digestion or a mixture of both things, only Heaven knows...) the point is, some people can´t see the world from a different perspective than theirs. If they don´t enjoy Autumn/Winter/wearing black colour on a glorious July day (whatever basically) nobody can.
Isn´t that sad?

So I thought I could explain why October is my favourite month of the year.
I don´t really mean to make this person to change its mind, and obviously I need no justification, but I believe it is beautiful to share personal impressions and opinions so as this is my blog:
here you have mine.

1. Cozy evenings with tea, soft blankets and a good book.

Right, now that I come to think of it I could stop it here and you would get the basic idea.
I´ve always been the kind of bookish person (not that good at uploading my reading progress at Goodreads though...) so spending October chill evenings at home into my own little fictional world is pretty much my idea of happiness. Not to mention tea is probably my second favourite thing in the world.
Speaking of which, I might be experiencing a bit of a seasonal teaware obsession right now:
in the last month I got me half of the Highland collection by Katie Alice.
So if you´re looking for a gift to me... Now you know.

2. Autumnal walks.

I am always willing to go for a good seasonal walk and have a nice chat with my man (The Gentle One is also a good walker. No. Actually, you can scratch that: he´s the type of walker who could survive during The Zombie Apocalypse, walking for two months until he hits the last farmacy in the region to buy me the last existing Asthma medicine in the world, which would eventually lead to my survival just to use my writing skills to record the whole apocaliptic chronicles for the next generation...) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Too many TWD episodes lately. Sorry.
Anyway, parks look stunning on October, and Fall picnics are my favourite type.
(Note: this picture is recicled from my last year Autumn walk post. You can see the original here).

3. Fall & spiced scents.

Any ocassion is good to make your home smell delicious, that´s for sure, but Autumn is the best season if you appreciate all those yummy scents based on vanilla, spice, pumpkin and musk. Lately, I have been using tons of Yankee Candle tarts, but thanks to a friend who sent me some sample goodies, I discovered a different scent universe at Lush too. I have no idea about how I lived without yummy bath sessions for such a long time...

4. Seasonal makeup. 

I am not a big cosmetics shopper to be honest, but when I do shop for makeup I prefer the typical shades labelled as "autumnal colours". They are not only my favourite palette, but also because they seem to be the only ones to work with my pale complexion. 
Of course you can find those all year long around most stores, but I bet you have realized it is a hundred per cent eaiser during cold months. High street fashion industry seems to accept that option better on that period, so basically I get most of my makeup hauls in October/November and then I hold on until next year (because I use this little quantity of it, so I rarely buy a big deal more than once a year, anyway). The little treasures of the pic are this week´s finds: "Baked" blush, and "Crimson" lipstick by Just Cosmetics.

5. Horror movies marathons (and general seasonal films).

Well, I think this needs no further explanation, does it?
I am huge horror films consumer, but for some reason October is my peak season of the year.
I can easily spend the whole weekend at home, just enjoying a popcorn and movies session with The Gentle One, who won´t stop complaining I am far too obssesed about horror.
Nevertheless, this year I have been feeling more in the classic Halloween-y side, and watching as many of them as I can find online. Last week I revisited Arsenic and Old Lace, which is one of my favourite chilhood comedies.

6. Halloween!

This is such a special date for us!
And not only for the well-known "gothic people + Halloween combo", but also because our anniversary is on October the 31st. This year, our celebrations will be delayed as a consequence of an inminent trip to Spain I must make in two weeks, so I am bit sad about it.
However, we´ll make the best to cheer up and extend the ocassion a bit further.
(Note: Another recicled picture. Original post this way).

🍁  So tell me darlings, are you Autumn fans yourselves? 🍁

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  1. Those are awesome reasons to love fall, I share many of them with you! I love to go for hikes or walking and to see the autumn leaves. I do it every year and I never get tired of it. :)

    1. I think this is the best season for a wak, not only because of the beauty of landscapes themselves, but also because temperature is nice. I am not able to walk for a long time under a shining sun or with extreme cold, so I like Fall better. I am happy to see there is a bunch of Autumn lovers out there, Laura :)

  2. I hope you 'unfriended' that person! They mustn't know you very well or have ever read your blog to make such a comment. :(

    I love Katie Alice's Highland collection! Actually, I love pretty much everything on the whole website. :)

    1. Most of my blog-related social media is posted as "public", so unfortunately you don´t need to friend me in order to send me message, which can be a pain in the ass sometimes...
      Anyway, it´s great to see you´re a K.A. fan yourself! ♥ I think she makes the most beautiful teaware ever. It´s a bit expensive, but I think the quality is worthy.

  3. Autumn in Greece is really hot so, I guess I prefer winter (long coat addiction).

    1. So sorry to hear you don´t get a "real" Autumn in Greece. But I suppose that makes Winter warmer, which is really good. I see your point about pretty outwear, but when it is -20 centigrades, you just want to go home :P

  4. What the hell, that's so random & rude! Autumn really is the best, you've listed all the perfect reasons here :) All the tea & all the candles! <3

    1. Haha, I know... Some people look not to know how to keep their manners. But, anyways, I tried to transform that bad feedback into something postive :)

  5. I don't get why people feel the need to be rude! Why is it so hard to accept that we are all different?
    I just love that list sweetie! I am here with my hot cup of tea nodding with each scroll! hahah

    1. Well, I suppose people are people, so there´s nothing you can really do...
      But yay, I´m happy to see you agree, hahaha. We´re such a couple of autumnal tea grannies! ♥