jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

My (fake) weekend in outfits.

All right, let´s just pretend I did take all these outfit pictures during the actual weekend, rather than just during those week days in which The Gentle One and I found the time to go out together.
Well, sometimes you can´t choose what days are off, right?
 This a strange kind of week, mostly spent between work, studies and last minute arrangements for my twenty days trip to Spain. So instead of just going out from Friday to Sunday, we made most boring errands during the weekend, and had our proper spare time in between.
And this is what we did:

Outfit rundown: jacket - Axes Femme / dress - handmade by me / blouse - Spin Doctor/ 
tights - Calzedonia / bag - offbrand/ shoes - Camden Town/ brooch - handmade by me.

On Tuesday The Gentle One came back from his work stay in  Prague, and as we were celebrating our first month married, we finally watched Crimson Peak (I will write a little review post later).
I decided to go for a slight Lady Lucille Sharpe look.

Outfit rundown: jacket - Primark / jumper - Stradivarius / dress - Bershka/ tights - Penti / bag - New Yorker / shoes - Camden Town.

On Wednesday I went to pick up The Gentle One to the university faculty where he teaches, and afterwards we headed to the closest mall. We needed to do some shopping, but we took the chance to have lunch together and have a nice little walk around.  

Outfit rundown: coat - Los Telares / skirt - Massimo Dutti / blouse - Spin Doctor/ 
tights - Calzedonia / bag - New Look / boots - Camden Town/ brooch - handmade by me.

Finally, on Friday I received a call from a friend and went to the town center to have some tea and some little chat. After that I met husband and had a little walk before having dinner. 

And this was pretty much my week.

So tell me darlings, how was yours? 

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  1. I love all of your outfits, not sure which one is my favourite, fur collar jacket from Primark is great, I love it! and the velvet skirt <3

    1. Hi dear! Thank you for your nice words. Fur lined outwear is my favourite type as well, and this particular one was really unexpensive (good thing about my artificial fur preference is I frequently find good deals).
      How is yor Autumn going?

  2. Ya lo dije una vez y lo diré mil veces: la chaqueta de Axes Femme es amor y el color te queda de lujo <3
    No sé cómo haces para posar tan bien para las fotos, en serio, si yo cruzo así las piernas, me caigo jajajajaja
    Al menos tenéis unos ratitos para salir a tomar el aire y descubrir nuevos lugares! Aquí lo tengo todo demasiado visto u.u

    /se ha matado toda la semana en la cocina, limpiando y editando código/

    Dulces besos! :3

    1. ¡Gracias otra vez, Fanny! Siempre eres el amor. ♥ ♥ ♥
      Y lo de las piernas, ¡es más bien un accidente! Es que soy patilarga y nunca sé muy bien qué hago con ellas (piensa en un cervatillo torpe enredándose siempre en sus propias patas y rodado por el suelo... ahí me tienes a mí, con mi inexistente coordinación, jajaja).

      Lo de salir entre semana es siempre agradable y ayuda a salir un poco de la rutina. Pero bueno, hay semanas y semanas, y a veces no queda tiempo ni para respirar.

      Espero que pases un finde agradable con montones de planes interesantes.

      ¡Besitos a porrón!

  3. I love all your clothes, especially those in the first picture! You put all the shades of crimson and black together so well!

    I still have not seen Crimson Peak!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I do love all kind of red shades, but they are truly difficult to match, so I really appreciate your observations ♥

  4. You look so lovely! The second outfit is my favourite. I still need to see Crimson Peak!

    1. Yo do need to watch it, Claire. It´s just too lovely to miss it! I will post my film impressions soon, so I hope you have watched by then, so we can discuss a bit about it :D

  5. Big fan of the Lady Lucille Sharpe look! :)

    1. Thankie Insomniac! That dress needs a full proper petticoat underneath to look good, but I´ll try better next time :)