domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Chocolate Bar palette review.

As I mentioned on my Wishlist post last month, I had been craving for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for some time.


Since it caught my eye in December, I was thinking about purchasing, but the price restrained me from getting ahold of it immediately.  
However, Christmas holiday arrived, and The Gentle One can be really sharp when it comes to presents, so together with many other beautiful things, I finally got it! I gave it a first try on Christmas Day just to discover I liked it even more than I expected, and I thought it could be nice to share a little review with you. This is my honest opinion on Too Faced Chocolate Bar, I hope you enjoy it.

jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

Our Gothic & Victorian wedding portraits.

Yesterday, we celebrated our four month wedding anniversary with awe.

It was not a particularly special date, of course, but we are amazed how quickly time goes by. So, I decided this week was a good moment to share with you a few pictures from our big day professional photoshoot. They were taken after the ceremony, on the 20th of September. As our scenario, we chose a recently restored Victorian house in Bucharest. The reason to select this particular manor house was we felt it perfectly fitted the Gothic and Victorian theme of the wedding.

domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

First portrait of 2016.

Ok, Winter: you made your point. Could you please stop it now and go away? Thank you!

This was meant to be a "what I wore this week" kind of post. However, weather made it hard to the point it was no longer possible. At least, for now. I mean, the week started pretty good regarding to temperature. That´s when these pictures were taken: as you can see, on Monday it was totally OK to wear lace blouses to be around the house, and then I could leave it by adding just a little wool cardigan and a light coat. 10°C is totally alright to dress up and go for a coffee with a friend. 
And then IT happened.

lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

The Paris Diaries: a majestic pantheon, and the most expensive tea ever.

Last September we visited Paris for a total of five days, although the last one was spent packing, making last minute souvenir shopping, and having a terrible lunch at the airport. Consequently, this post is the last of my documented Paris diaries. It contains a detailed relation of our adventures that day, including an early visit to the French Pantheon, another to Napoleon Bonaparte´s intimidating tomb, a very expensive tea and some obligatory goofing around the Eiffel Tower among other events. We had a lovely day, so I hope you enjoy by reading this post.

The Paris Diaries, day 4.

viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

The Paris Diaries: This is Versailles!

Last night I was checking my blog archives when I suddenly realized there were two Paris posts left on my drafts file! For some reason (and most likely due to the big agitation my life was wrap on last Autumn) I totally forgot to hit the publish button at some point. So for today I thought it could be nice to share those with you, as I suppose nobody gets too annoyed about a travel review full of beautiful pictures. 

To sum up, the next chapter of my Paris diaries was written during our third day in France, back in the end of  September. We wouldn´t spend it in the city, but we traveled to Versailles instead. It was a memorable day for us both, as this had been one of our dream destinations for... well, FOREVER. We´re both truly interested on history since our high school days: The Gentle One is specifically fascinated about the Golden Age period all over Europe (this is his PHD topic, actually), so he craved for visiting the place where Louis XIV started the French empire. As for me, I am very fond of the French monarchy decadence and the country revolutionary process all through the XVIII and XIX centuries.
We´re such a couple of boring and pedant people, right?
I know, sorry about that.

Whatever, this is the little tale we wrote about our trip.
I hope you like it!

The Paris Diaries, day 3.