domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

Chocolate Bar palette review.

As I mentioned on my Wishlist post last month, I had been craving for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for some time.


Since it caught my eye in December, I was thinking about purchasing, but the price restrained me from getting ahold of it immediately.  
However, Christmas holiday arrived, and The Gentle One can be really sharp when it comes to presents, so together with many other beautiful things, I finally got it! I gave it a first try on Christmas Day just to discover I liked it even more than I expected, and I thought it could be nice to share a little review with you. This is my honest opinion on Too Faced Chocolate Bar, I hope you enjoy it.



Before starting, I should mention I am not particularly fond of the package.
I do like the idea of the chocolate bar shape, but the plastic material the company chose feels a bit cheap to touch. I think a different material would improve presentation glaringly, but it is just my personal opinion. However, as soon as you open the box, a delicious and delicate chocolate scent flows to you. Now, if you have been reading this blog for some time, I don´t need to repeat what a gluttonous creature I am, so probably you won´t be too amazed if I confess I spent a couple of seconds considering how much of the product I could eat before I needed to call the ambulance. Just joking (maybe...) 

But going back to the palette itself, its delicious fragance is supposed to be related with the fact every eyeshadow main ingredient is cocoa! It may sound a bit strange, but the composition feels a bit more natural than in other of their brand products.
Immediate advantage is the satin, soft, light composition making your skin to feel comfortable when you wear it. Also, I feel my eyelids softer when I remove makeup. 


On the other hand, the most negative consequence of this lighter and more natural composition, is pigmentation: I need to apply more product in order to make the color strong enough. This is specially noticeably with light colours, specifically pink and cream tones. Nudes are a bit less subtle, to my satisfaction. 

In relation to colours, the palette presents a wide variety of sixteen matte and sparkling shades, from pale lovely pinks, creams and goldens, to darker browns, crimsons and purples. Some of my new absolute favourites are in this palette, indeed: I do not know how I could live all these years without Cherry Cordial deep burgundy, Candied Violet shiny mauve, or elegant Crème Brulee metal gold.

 (From right to left: Haute Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cherry Cordial, Strawberry Bon Bon, Semi-sweet and Candied Violet ).

I was quite worry these colours wouldn´t work with my pale complexion (I easily get dark circles after a regular rest night and it frequently makes eyeshadow nudes to look bad on me), but they actually work with my yellowish skin undertone making it a bit brighter. Also, the different shades match good together, so they are very easy to combine for a more elaborate look.

 (From right to left: Marzipan, Crème Brulee, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate, Hazelnut and Candied Violet).

(From left to right:  Champagne Truffle, Triple Fudge, Amaretto,  Black Forest Truffle).

Considering all this together,  would I purchase Chocolate Bar again? 
In one word, yes. I think the general product is worth the money, no doubts I will re-purchase when it is over.

So tell me darlings, have you tried any new cosmetic product you specially like?


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  1. This palette is one of my favorites!!! It's got the perfect mix of colors to suit me for every day subtle makeup, and darker colors for when I want more impact. Plus, the chocolatey smell makes putting my makeup on in the morning delightful. I actually went and bought the new Bon Bons version of the palette because I liked the original so much, eep!

    Lovely post! :)

    1. Oh, I didn´t know about their new palette. I just searched it online and saw the slightly different format. I am quite curious now, are the eye shadows smaller or is it a perspective impression from pictures?

  2. So many lovely colours! I hope you'll show us an example of how you use it later :-)

    1. I would love to do so, Linnea. However, I am not particularly good at taking close makeup pictures. I will need to practice a bit!

  3. I love this palette! All other eye shadows had to be put aside to make some space for this beauty!
    Admittedly, the packaging is awfully flimsy - mine doesn't seem to open properly (something wrong with the hinges...), one of the eye-shadows detached and my mirror broke within 2 days of using in (I am clumsy, but not THAT clumsy). Having said that, the eye shadows themselves are totally worth it - Amaretto has to be my favourite!

    1. Oh my, that was bad luck. I am very clumsy myself, so I hope I won´t spoil it too soon.
      I found quite shocking the contrast between the poor packing and the amazing makeup quality. It is not exactly a luxury product, but for this price range other brands offer better formats, I think.