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Snapshots of my Easter week.

Last month I terribly failed at my monthly round-up, so I decided it could be nice to make some sort of little week summary in exchange. I actually like the idea of taking random pictures all along the week/month and share them with you. Somehow, they are a nice little testimony of life, and although I am not a great photographer (and most impressions were just captured with my phone during  spontaneous moments) I think is beautiful to treasure them.
So here you go: some random images of my Easter holiday week.
Just for your eyes!


As a rule, on Sundays we use to stay home, watch movies and maybe cook something special.
I know it´s not what you´d call an exciting plan, but many of you will probably understand when you are a financially independent person, weeks are normally busy and by the end of it, you just want to have a good rest and forget about the world.
I would normally start my week summary on Monday, but as Sunday was oficially my first holiday time, I though I needed to begin this post by telling you a bit about it.
I already mentioned I bought a new sewing machine, which means I am trying to steal some spare hours to my schedule to practice a bit and learn how to properly use it.
As my first attempt with a skirt wasn´t a TOTAL desaster (I mean, it was far from perfect, but I thought it could be a hudred times worst considering my inexperience and usual clumsiness), I decided to try with a simple pattern dress. I bought a pretty purple satin a couple of weeks ago, and started the project, but didn´t have time to keep going until last Sunday.
I forgot to take any proper pictures of the sewing process (yes, you can sum up cluelessness to the equation of my character) so you will have to comform yourselves with this blurry picture of the material I took when I first bought it. 
No worries though!
I will post about the finished dress soon.


 I already said I am not a good photographer, but that doesn´t mean I don´t enjoy taking pictures.
One of the main pleasures of living in such a peculiar place like Bucharest, is being able to capture all those decadent houses and buildings in pictures forever. There is an endless supply of gorgeous abandones Victorian and Art Noveau houses to portrait if you are willing to spend some time exploring and adventuring yourself around.
The Gentle One is very keen of long walks, so these are always the perfect opportunity to take as many pictures as I fancy. Another thing The Gentle One loves is taking pictures of me when I am not aware, so here you have some unexpected images of me while capturing this beautiful house, together with some photographs from my own perspective.


On Wednesday (excuse the lack of a proper description for Tuesday, but all I did was staying home and reading the day away) the weather started behaving REALLY nice.
After six good months of foggy, snowy, coudy and rainy days, a moderately warm and sunny Spring day was far more than we could expect, so of course we got excited, dressed while singing blameless aloud "I am walking on sunshine", left the house and... and then we came back to change our clothes, because we underestimated how lovely the weather actually was, and we were wearing... jumpers.
Yes, it sounds silly, but I can assure jumpers become a second skin during hard East-European Winters (and sometimes that second skin actually includes more than one single sweater...).
Anyway, we went back outdoors, glad for carrying a single Springtime jacket, instead of one of my heavy-fake-fur-lined coats and I was simply HAPPY.
Indeed, I felt the type of happiness I used to when I was about twelve years old and my only concern on a sunny April afternoon was removing my pullover and challenging my sister to see who could reach the park first.
Do you remember that? Being so free and naive? No?
 Then just go to some place with really bad Winter weather and wait for Spring, you´ll remember on time, I promise.


After a non-remarkable Thursday in any aspect, Friday was booked for some wedding errands on our calendar. Specifically, we had a date on a little bakery shop to try different cake recipes and decide if we liked one of them enough to become the one on our big day (a.k.a. "the cake to rule them all" from this moment, if you please). To be honest, before we got engaged I didn´t even know cake degustation was a thing, but then we stumbled upon this place where they can literally design anything you wish, and they happened to be offering free try... well, it´s not exactly as you can say no to cake in Easter, is it? Plus, I was silly enough to begin stalking all those amazing Tumblr accounts full of dark romantic wedding cake designs (and that was a no return point in this story...).
 No matter how it happened, we found ourselves visiting the shop on Friday morning, far more excited about it than we would admit because, how in the name of God can you make up your mind when you suddenly must decide between a wide variety of creamy chocolate, intense forest fruits, light pistaccio and lemon...?
I could keep going like this forever, but I just realized I wrote 200 words about cake (Gosh, what´s wrong with me?), and I think that´s an undereserved cruel punishment for you all, so I´ll simply let you know red fruits and chocolate mousse is "the cake to rule them all" and we´ll have a pretty gothic Victorian design to go with it too.

Well, as I already told you about our very Spring Saturday in here, I will finish my Easter week summary for now. I hope you enjoyed this little highlights post.
Maybe I will make a new tradition from this and all! (Although most probably not, considering my current level of helpless sidetracking. The intention is what counts!).

So tell me darlings, how was your week?

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  1. Οh my, can i live in this house?! It is GORGEOUS!
    It's like Morticia and Gomez will come out from this gem soon!

    1. It is, isn't it? Like the most classic gothic house ever. I'd love to buy one of those one day, so who knows?