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Xes a Devil beta tester box

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the nice people at Xes a Devil, a little and brand new gothic-friendly company. They wanted to know if I would be interested on receiving a pack as a gift, in the hope I would write an honest review.
On the first place, this was not a normal box but a beta tester box, which basically means the company is on the previous stage of launching their online shop and they are curious about potential costumers honest reactions.
Actually, I liked the idea of testing a sample selection of their future catalogue products, so I decided to give it a go.

The parcel arrived last week, and it contained an interesting assortment of items, including: a bodysuit, a hair clips set, nail varnish, and lip gloss.
 I took some time to try them all carefully to see what I really thought of them.
After a couple of days delaying this post (the week was a bit busy at work) I can finally tell you about my opinion.

Bone hairclips: They were pretty much the first thing that caught my eye. The reason is I´ve been craving for some bone shaped hair clips for a while now, and couldn´t simply believe my luck when I saw them in the box. They are plastic made and include an alligator clip. I was a bit worried about their resiliency, but after a whole day running around town (and jumping in and out the underground and bus service) I checked they wouldn´t break easily.  
Conclusion? You will be seeing quite a lot of holiday vodoo-inspired outfits around here...

Mn menou Long Lasting Generation II lipgloss: To be honest, I hadn´t heard about this brand before I received my beta tester box, so I had no idea about what I was dealing with. My natural impulse was hasten to the laptop and making some little research about it, but then I realize that could totally predispose my mind, so I decided to hold back and not to check online, giving myself the chance to form my own opinion about it. 
Although the product looks like a strong magenta shade on the bottle (which wouldn´t be my cup of tea at all), once I opened it I pleasantly discovered Number 22 was more like some kind of orchid-mauve. The sample was accompanied
 by a little note letting me know it was better to use some lip balm underneath. When I first used it, I checked it can be a bit dry if you have very sensitive lips like mine, so mosturising is a good idea. Nevertheless, I was shocked by the long lasting super power of this lipgloss: I could eat, drink and not to retouch for six hours.  
Conclusion? Go for it if you really want a velveteen finish long lasting lip product!

Skull bottle nail varnish: Another of my absolute fav in this box. I had seen many of these little cutie skull bottles online before, but paying 25 euros in delivery costs from shops in the US looked totally excessive to me. I was glad to try this lil´creepy pal. I found the coverage good (one coat was quite enough) and it dried very quickly. Conclusion? For me it is a beauty essential if you are fond of including uncanny items to your collection.

Bodysuit: I reserved my favourite item for the end of this post. I normally don´t wear this kind of clothing, as it normally looks boring (and I never know what to match it with). Nonetheless, the red details in this piece (including that lovely anatomical shaped-heart) made this a little more interesting and easier to blend with the rest of my dark wardrobe.
I think petticoats are a clever option if you are fond of cabaret/drama/ballet looks.
Conclusion? A basic piece granting lots of outfit fun and creativity.

Xes a Devil will be launching its official etsy store in December (so stay tuned if you think about adding extra items to your whislist!). In the meanwhile, if you want to make any enquiry or question, you can contact them at:  


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  1. I love those clips, I've had my eyes on them on ebay for a while ^^

    Seemed like a nice box of useful stuffs you got there :D

    1. Yeah, it was a nice surprise to be chosen to test this item selection, and I can say everything I got was an expected find too. I can´t recommend going for bone clips quite enough!

  2. Wow, what pretty things! I am not usually into bodysuits either but that one is really lovely!

    1. Yes, bodysuits can be very difficult to integrate on a good coordinate, but I think little details like the cameo help a lot. I think might be giving a go to different colours once Xes a Devil opens its etsy. Purple could work really well on a piece like this too ♥

    2. *Edited: I meant, I might be giving it a go :)

  3. The bone clips are amazing! And I honestly think the petticoat is gorgeous; I can already imagine you wearing it under that lovely red lolita dress! <3

    1. Yay, I am so happy about the bone clips! I cn´t wait to make lots of coordinates with them. Also, my Hell Bunny petticoat was a great purchase, it looks like matches almost all my dresses :)

  4. Beautiful outfit, I love that bow with black lace! :)

  5. Lovely dress!
    The only people who have ever contacted me has wanted me to do it for free...

    1. Oh well, this is actually a "gifted" post, not a sponsored one. This means I was given the goodies, and in case I liked them, the company would expect me to write a review, but I was absolutely no paid for it. Sponsored posts are a totally different thing, as the companies want you to full certain requirements in order to write your post. In the latter case, the blogger should always ask for compensation, as it is a proper job in which you need to follow certain steps as well as hit the publishing button on a given deadline. I am not working sponsored yet, but if I were, I would be very clear about it :)