domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

November in the park

Do you know that type of day, when you feel lazy but you think it´s not healthy to stay indoors the whole time, so you basically force yourself to put some cozy clothes onand go outside?
Well, that was my Saturday.
The Gentle One and I went to a concert on Friday night and yesterday´s morning we were quite reluctant to make anything but procrastitating on the couch.
Nevertheless, we started a funny conversation about pros and cons of our current lack of exercise:

“I don´t think we should stay all day home” I told The Gentle One worriedly. “We do need some fresh air!”

“We already went out last night” He answered, as he yawned and covered himself with a blanket. 

 “But it was a concert, on a little creepy basement, with no fresh air or natural light AT ALL. We do need some fresh air, dude. We´ll become a couple of fat bottoms in no time. The type who are incapable of tying their own shoes!”

Those were the magical words, people, because if there is something The Gentle One cannot stand, is the image of a future version of himself not being able to tie his own shoes (as if possible...).

Outfit rundown: hat - Zara (vintage) / jumper - Stradivariu s/ skirt - Bershka / tights -  Leg Avenue / boots - gift from The Gentle One

So we arrived to Herastrau in the late morning, just to discover it was quite foggy at the time and all our pictures were going to be quite blurry themselves.
However, we forgot about it really quickly, as we caught sight of a little red squirrels army collecting nuts for the incoming winter, and you can´t be grumpy when you are surrounded by friendly squirrels asking for more nuts, can you?

I must confess I felt completely happy about my insistence to go for a walk by then.
Mainly because it is very difficult to spot any squirrels in Spain, and I hadn´t seen them in Romania and so close before!
Good for us!

 Little Notification

Now, I just want let you know you will be noticing some small changes on this blog design from now on. I have been craving for a little refresh for some time.
The most dramatic change will be related to the blog´s name, as I don´t feel  
Castitatis Lilium covers the bill anymore. So from today, my blog will appear as
Life in Violet in your feed! I thought something easier to remember woull be better.
I hope you keep reading, thought, as I will be posting more frequently and also improving contents, more likely.

I hope you are still with me during this new exciting period!

14 comentarios:

  1. I just went for a walk with my fiance, it's lovely to get some fresh air! I like your new blog name. :)

    1. There are days in which the best thing you can do is walking outdoors.
      Glad to hear you like my new blog title!

  2. You look so lovely as always! What a beautiful place with the leaves and squirrels! It looks nice and quiet too! This is the kind of place I want to go to if I go outside for exercise- the beauty of nature without too many human beings!

    1. Aw, many thanks Laura. Your nice words always make my day.
      To be honest, I am not a sporty person, but I do try to mantain myself active, specially by walking a lot. I think it is important to fight the stress and keep in touch with nature :)

  3. Yes I do get that feeling, then I go for a run in the forest.
    I love these autumny pictures <3 and squirrel so close OMG! I would be happy for days!

    Life in violet is a pretty name for your blog :D

    1. I know what you mean, Lesthis. I keep smiling when I think on those little pals eating straight from my hands ♥
      And thank you so much for your support about my new blog name. It is truly important to me to know you like it!

  4. A perfect outfit for going out, and looks like you had a good time :) I love squirrels, but havent seen them here for ages!

    1. Thankie dear! I was looking for something comfy and cozy to go out. Weather is starting to go chilly, so you do need a good jumper and several layers underneath if you want to take any outdoor pictures without your coat.

      I know what you mean about squirrels, as I mentioned, they are very dfficult to spot in Spain too. That´s the reason I enjoyed so much by feeding them! ♥

  5. I love going out to stay connected with the nature, it's so soothing <3 I love your outfit, especially the hat, it looks perfect on you:)

    1. I see your point: for me nature is not only a relaxing shooter, but also has got the power to make me perky.
      Thanks for your kind words too, I am always a bit reluctant when it comes to wear hats, but as long as Autumn (and chill) are here, I have no choice left.

  6. What a beautiful park! You look lovely.

    I really like the new name, it suits you!

    1. Thank you Claire! It is always nice to hear you enjoy visiting :)

  7. I have also given you all the information about the film You wanted to see on my blog (as a reply to You comment) :)