domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

What I did in October

 I found myself checking the calendar this morning just to get amazed about how quickly November is going by.
Yes, I know I mention this on a monthly basis, but I can't avoid a certain feeling of loss when I am busy. It looks like time behaves like water running through my hands.
 There is a couple of specific reasons for this making me feel a bit stressed, but I will be coming to it later.
In any case, as November is almost over, my electronic agenda rang again to remind me it is time to write about what I did last month.
 There we go!

 One of the reasons (and probably the actual main reason) why I've been feeling a bit anxious about schedules, calendars, and my human lack of control on time - damn human species and its frustrating limitations to manipulate the space-time continuous! - is our wedding.
 When we first got engaged, a year would look like a lot of time to make preparations. Notwithstanding, three months have gone by on a hurry, and we haven't made good progress apart from booking a date and the venue for reception.

 So last month we established a double deadline to set the guest list as well as designing invitations AND searching ideas for my bridal gown.
 Well, we managed to close the definitive number of guests (hooray!) BUT we were totally incapable of finishing the invitations on time (boo!).
 Also, I started feeling quite overwhelmed about all those bride options available and couldn't find any inpiration during my research.
 I mentioned all this to my mum during one of my early bride-to-be panic attacks (I wonder if that's even a thing... Just let me know if you are/were on the same mood)
 Two days afterwards, she phoned to say my auntie was making my dress as a wedding gift! So suddenly, all I had to worry about was choosing a design I liked and getting pretty materials. 
I can say I quickly did so, and I am quite excited now, as I will get my gown done on Christmas holiday.
Seriously, my mother and auntie are just the best.

 October was an interesting month regarding on books.
 I had the chance to read lots of tales and short stories, as well as a couple of novels. But today I want to tell you about the one I liked the most: American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

 I included this book on my reading list as a recommendation from The Gentle One, who at the point was having a good time with it. I am very fond of the British author, and indeed American Gods had been catching my eye for a long time, so I got the ebook (paper editions were not available on my favourite Bucharest bookstore at the moment).
 I am REALLY happy I followed his tip and spent a proper time giving a chance to this shocking novel. The story is a thoughtful one, full of exciting plot twists which led to a wonderful end.

Although I personally found its style a bit too simple, most of people will enjoy this feature, as it makes the reading lighter. I can't stop advising you to read it if you like mythology.

At the end of October weather started to cool down significantly.
It was not possible to walk out without a good warm coat, and walks normally finish with some hot drinks on a cozy place.
Last month I became a loyal costumer from a little cute tea shop in the town centre.
The place is located on another lovely tiny Victorian house where you can taste all sorts of sweets and tea varieties (lemon cake and orange cookies tea are my absolute favs at the moment, I must confess). 

So apart from anniversary and Halloween celebrations, this was my October.

So tell me darlings, how is your Autumn going?

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  1. I hope you post pictures of the gown someday! And Gaiman's books are so lovely.^^

    1. Oh, I will post pictures as soon as the dress starts taking shape.
      And for Neil Gaiman´s novels, they are great indeed! I totally rcommend this one to you if you haven´t read it yet :)

  2. What a beautiful beaded lace! I immediately saw what a gorgeous veil it would make. Or sleeves. Or whole dress :D But it won't surprise me if you won't tell any details regarding your dress - I don't know if it's a more common superstition, but in Poland people believe absolutely noone should see bride's dress before the wedding day :D Do they in Romania or Spain?

    Take care, beautiful one! Don't let the stress consume you. The logistical parts of life can really get on the nerves, but, after all, they are mostly just official boring paperwork. Obligatory, but insignificant and not changing nothing in the end. The love between you and your patner is the most important thing, no matter what happens on the wedding day :)

    1. I would SO love to make a veil from this material! However, the fabric is far too heavy and would make my head´s movement to look weird and unnatural (what a pity!). But it is ok, since I have lovely plans for it and I am sure it will look great on the dress.
      I don´t know about Romania, but we have a slightly different supertition in Spain regarding bride and gown: the only person who is not supposed to see her wearing it before the wedding is the groom. I think I might totally respect that tradition, as I think I don´t want to spoil the fun of seeing his surprise face when I arrive to the ceremony ;)

      In general, I believe I am dealing acceptably with stress at the moment. Cosnidering The Gentle One and I are organizing everything by ourselves, it is not that bad. I really hope it doesn´t go worse as the date comes, though.

  3. I can't imagine the stress of planning a wedding, scale down and outsource as much as you can!

    1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    2. Thanks dear, I think I will follow your advice. Sometimes I take things too seriously.

  4. I know how nerve-wracking wedding planning can be. I'm eloping, so there's a lot less to worry about, but it's the whole financial end that's getting me down. Our wedding date is set to take place next year at the end of summer and there's a whole lot of stuff that needs to be done beforehand, like moving and undergoing a very expensive surgery. Life is complicated. : / Unless I start making money by magic, we won't be going to the Bahamas like we had planned to. The only real good news I have is that I bought my dress last year for a whopping $60 and it's gorgeous (white wasn't my first choice, but hey, if the dress fits and it's pretty, you buy it). It seems like time is just slipping's kind of scary.

    I hope things go well for you and it's not too stressful. I also hope the wedding is a big success. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your dress turns out! : )

    1. Yes, I know what you mean when you talk about money. Weddings can easily eat any budget if you don´t pay attention to every single detail. I am not complaining too much though, as Romania is far less expensive than Spain and we are celebrating our union in Bucharest. Even so, we try to adjust to the original budget as much as posible and not to spend on extravagant stuff. Our honeymoon, for instance. We think there are lots of wonderful places to visit here in Europe and plane tickets are quite reasonable, I am dying to visit my sister in Japan, but it won´t happen during the honeymoon, as we can´t really afford such a big expense at the moment.

      Anyway, you made me feel curious about your dress too! Sixty bucks is a great deal!

  5. Yay for aunties that can sew!

    Oh yes, wedding panic attacks are a thing! America coined the word Bridezillas for women that have to have everything perfect and melt down if they do not. But don't worry, I think you are FAR from being that!

    I find Neil Gaiman very inspiring although I find I often prefer his short stories and kid's books. Guess I never grew up? Coraline and The Graveyard Book are so great, though, it is probably unfair to compare any of his other writing!

    Mmm I need to go to a teahouse again sometime soon!

    1. Well, I try to keep my mood under control in relation to the wedding plans, as I don´t want to spread my stress on The Gentle One (he´s more of the quiet type and always looks at the shine side of life, so he´s not anxious at the moment). I think planning should be a fun part too, so when I see things darker, I tend to breath and relax until I get energy again. After all, it is impossible to get everything under control, isn´t it?

      In relation to Gaiman, I find his tales fascinating too. Fragile Things is another of my favourites too! There are SO many great short stories on that volume, I can´t choose just one. Really glad to see there are more fans out there :)