jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

Sephora red carpet eyeshadow review

Following my current red shade obsession in the search of gothic-friendly items is not new stuff, is it?
But it´s not actually my fault guys, I swear! Lately it looks like, wherever I go, there is some beautiful red item craving to be picked by me.
And you can´t simply say NO when the universe tries so hard.
That would be quite unmindful!
(Not like if I were looking for excuse, ahem...)

Actually, this was not a real impulse purchase. I had been looking for red eyeshadow for a very long time.
The only suitable product I could find was by Channel and honestly, I didn´t want to spend that much on something I didn´t know if I was going to like, after all.

Indeed, I am the type of person who makes its best to avoid impulse buying, and I tend to rationalize all my shopping.
As a child, when I was raving to get something, my mum would always make the same question: “Are you going to wear it?”
 If the genuine answer was NO, I would just leave it behind. If I insisted, my mum would buy it and make sure I did use it. No matter I had changed my mind afterwards. I HAD to wear the item. The thing is, even nowadays I keep asking myself if I am going to wear my purchases.

Anyway, I was not that sure about this particular, so tried to find something on a budget.
 After many frustrated attempts (it is truly hard to find red eyeshadow, isn´t it?) I was casually marauding Sephora when I noticed Red Carpet eyeshadow. I am generally fond of Sephora´s makeup pigmentation, and as the price was reasonable, I just gave it a go.

The main three things I liked about it are


1. Although this is powder, I didn´t noticed any creasing.

2.  The lasting power is quite acceptable for a non long-lasting product (5-6 hours without reapplying).

3.  Pigmentation is good, and the shade is not pale nor pinkish. 

Considering all together, would I buy it again?


So tell me darlings, what new products have you been trying lately?

6 comentarios:

  1. Gorgeous! I knew a girl downtown who always wore red eyeshadow, it was awesome.

    1. It is a nice colour if you balance it with a more modest lip makeup :)

  2. That is a really nice shade! I too recently bought a red eye shadow but have not yet used it. I shall to day, though. :D I hope it is as good as yours, mine is N7 by the Geek Chic Cosmetics.

    1. I am afraid I don´t know Geek Chic Cosmetics yet, I will check them up though!

  3. It looks gorgeous! Pigmented eyeshadow can give me allergic reaction and make my eyelids sting, so I would definitely want to try before I buy. I remember either MAC or Napoleon Perdis bright pink doing this to me!

    1. Oh, that´s too bad! There are people really sensitive to strong pigments. If this is your case too, I would hesitate to recommend it. Allergy issues can be quite annoying. I can´t stand cheap/low quality eyeliner, for instance: my eyes inmediately start to itch and water.