miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

This year higlights

My calendar reminded me it is time for another monthly round-up this week, but for December I thought it could be interesting to forget about my last month adventures and simply talk about this year´s highlights instead.

And gosh, this year has gone by so quickly! 
I can´t believe 2014 is almost over and we are getting ready for 2015. The truth is I can´t actually complain about it, as this has been a very positive period for me. Of course there are some little things I would like to have solved better, but today I want to focus on all the other small good moments and share them with you.
My 2014 highlights have been...

1. Discovering Romania.

Although we technically arrived here in the Autumn of 2013, it took us some time to settle and we hadn´t proper time to spend exploring around. Our real urban excursions began at some point of late December last year, and continued all through 2014.
At the moment, most of the adventures have been backgrounded on Bucharest with a couple of interesting exceptions, but we hope we´ll be able to travel all around Romania next year!

2. European road trip.

As I already mentioned a couple of times, I have got a secret wishlist where I write down every single thing I dream of.
A road trip across Europe had been in the top of that list for years (and more specifically, for a decade!) but in 2014 we managed to make my dream come true by adventuring ourselves all the way to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. This is memory I will always keep deep in my heart.

3. Friends visiting Bucharest.

 This Summer our friends decided it was time to pay us a visit in order to discover that big unknown treasure which is Romania.
I would need another post to describe the crazy adventures we experienced in four days, but it was mostly about castles, wild nature, and partying.
I had the most wonderful of the weekends and I can stay we have best friends EVER.

4. London weekend getaway.

 Last Christmas I was gifted with a ticket for a massive Lolita fashion event in London by The Gentle One (sometimes he´s so unselfish I want to cry), so in April I headed London!
It had been four years since the last time I visited, but I am glad to say my love for the city is still feeling as tender as it used to be.
I think I truly am a Londoner at heart, and even enjoy things other people normally hate about the place (yes, that includes crowded town center!). Not to speak about the good ones: vintage and curiosity markets, old fashioned architecture, huge green parks, lots of rain (did I mentioned Galician people is the water people, right?) AND lots of culture.

5. First white winter.

Yes, I am sick to say we rarely have any snow in Spanish towns and cities, with the exception of tiny villages in the mountains where barely anyone live anymore.
So for me it was really exciting to experience a proper snowy Winter for the first time in 2014. You can´t possibly imagine how crazy it is learning to walk in the snow and ice when you are a proper grown up.

6. Getting engaged.

And of course I couldn´t forget about the happiest moment this year.
I already talked enough about this, I know. Neverthless, we are so excited about finally getting married next Fall we can scarcely believe our good luck.
It is going to be an unforgetable day I will be writing a lot about so please, feel free to skip all  those incoming wedding posts if you are not really into cheesy bride-to-be meanderings.

Well, this was my year recap.
 I can tell it was a great perios for me, and I do hope it was good for you too. 
I wish 2015 is as glowing and full of magic and happiness as 2014 was.

Happy New Year everyone!

10 comentarios:

  1. It sounds like you had a great 2014. I look forward to your cheesy bride to be posts! Happy New Year~

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Ms. Ladyfair! I hope you have a great 2015.

  2. I look forward to all your bridal entrys :D

    Happy new year! ^^

    1. Aw, thankie Lesthis. Don´t worry, you will be reading TONS of wedding posts around here ;)

  3. A very eventful year! I can't wait to travel more! And a white winter, yes, I am so jealous! I have loved following your adventures, have a happy new year and I will see you in 2015!

    1. Happy New Year to you yoo Laura! I am glad to see you enjoy reading about my little adventures here on the blog and hope you are still enjoying next year.

  4. An amazing year! And the future will be very interesting! How good is being young and travelling around Europe! Greetings from Berlin,
    Sheila Calavera

    1. Hey Sheila! So nice to learn you are still following my place!
      My only wish this year is 2015 being as interesting as 2014. At the moment I´m living a great period, full of adventures, love and happiness. I couldn´t feel more satisfied right now! ♥