domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

Late Christmas loot (third edition)

It´s being a while, but I am back from my Spanish Christmas holiday (which consisted on
tons of social interaction, and food too. Actually, it also consisted on tons of drugs against influenza, but that´s a far less interesting story unless you enjoy fever & chills horror stories), and this means I am back to upload about my latest adventures too. Althought it´s been a while since Christmas Day, I thought following my old January tradition would be ok.
I already told you about my festive season presents back in 2013 and 2014, and for some reason people looked to like those, so I decided to go ahead this year.

Well, if you have been reading/following me for some time now, then you know books are a surebet with me. The first present I unwrapped on Christmas morning was this specimen from the novel Horns by Joe Hill. The author was an old member of my "must read" list, and he had been stuck in there for too long.
A friend of mine recommended 20th Century Ghosts a while ago, but I couldn´t find an edition I fancied. In between, I made that little thing you should never do:
yes, I watched the film before reading the book.
And I was shocked about how much I enjoyed (you never say no if Daniel Radcliffe is on the movie, do you?), so I started craving to put hands on a paper copy.
Well, The Gentle One is always listening, you know?
I hope I will tell you more as soon as I finish it.

Following with the literature department, mum and dad agreed books are a girl´s best friends (or THEIR girl´s best friend at least, to be more specific). I received this beautiful H.G. Wells vintage edition, published in London in 1945.
The only thing I love more than books are VINTAGE and rare books.

You can´t imagine how happy I am as the new owner of a book printed the same year Second World War finished. This is not only a lovely story, but also a historic piece I will keep carefully for its next owner.

But let´s move to fashion now. 
My mother in law is famous to make pretty and unique presents to me. 
This year, she thought I would be in the need to add some more lady-style pieces to my wardrobe as a consequence of the bunch of formal social events coming together with the wedding. She gave me this lovely Zara necklace all full of black and transparent crystal I am dying to match with some of my cocktail dresses. 

I already made a couple of matching tests with it and the results were awesome ♥

The Gentle One also gave me this adorable piece from Heart & Roses London, and as you can see I quickly started playing to match it with my new necklace and some old H&M pumps. The dress is so spectacular, I am afraid I won´t be elegant enough to wear it properly... That´s going to be a challenge, I can tell you.
I would have loved to take more pictures of it for this blog, but then I remembered we are probably going to the opera this month, and that could be a nice ocassion to give it a chance as a proper outfit.
 Let´s see.

And of course I couldn´t finish this post without showing my nerdy gift to you all.
I wonder how many of you do recognize this little magic treasure.
Well, maybe you didn´t know I am a Harry Potter fan but I AM (indeed, I just read the whole series in six weeks, as I referenced when I was in the early stage of my mania).  
Well, Hermione Granger´s wand was my number one election (just followed by Mcgonagall´s weapon) and my family was nice enough to get it for me.
I think I will need to save up a bit before I can afford the next HP item on my list...

Well, that was all for now!
So tell me darlings, what did you get for Christmas this year? 

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  1. I adore that dress! It looks great paired with that necklace. :)

    1. Thanks, dear. I am thinking about getting a nice taffeta/silk shrug, as the dress lets see a bit too much for my personal taste. I will keep working on a decent outfit though.

  2. I liked Horns a lot. I haven't read or seen 20th Century Ghosts so I will await your review!

    My goodness, that is a beautiful dress - the Gentle One obviously has excellent taste! :)

    1. I think I might finish Horns before I give a chance to 20th Century Ghosts, but I will let you know if I make a proper review. In relation to the gown, I must say The Gentle One always surprises me with his presents ♥

  3. Oooh a Harry Potter wand! I am jealous! I would like one too, I started reading the books when I was about 12 and basically grew up with them!

    I may have said this before, I like to watch a movie before a book so I don't get too upset at all the changes the movie inevitably makes. Ha ha.

    I am glad you had a lovely Christmas apart from the sickness. Your outfit you put together looks great!

    1. Hahaha... It´s funny you prefer to watch the movie before reading the book, but I think you have got a point there, Laura. Nevertheless, I am always very dissapointed when someone/something accidentally spoils my reading, so I think I will keep faithful to my old book-before-movie system.

      Oh, and I didn´t know you were a HP fan too! ♥ It looks like there are several of us around here!

  4. You received some lovely things! I adore that H.G Wells edition and the dress is gorgeous! I bought Bellatrix's wand when I went to the studio tour but I still need to find a way to display it! It seems such a shame to keep it hidden away in its box.

    1. Oh, I know what you mean! Right now, I´m displaying the wand on its own box (lid opened) but it seems a bad idea, since dust will probably stick to the velveteen fabric. I think I will need a cristal bookcase in roder to display collectable objects at some point...

  5. I'm so jealous of the wand! I want to have both Hermiones and Bellatrix wand someday :D
    Great gifts overall I think!

    1. I would love to collect all the HP merchandising some day, specially the clothes from Ravenclaw (which is my house at heart).

  6. Respuestas
    1. I agree Sammy, my family and friends made a good work this year!

  7. How come I didn't notice this post!!! That dress is beyond words! I cannot wait to see you wearing it <3
    The very best gift of all is Hermione's wand!!! I can already imagine you waving it around the house! Has it worked yet? :D

    I felt compelled to read Horns as soon as I saw your instagram post, but I need to finish up some other books, so it must wait a bit. Don't you hate it when we don't possess Eve's power from Only Lovers Left Alive? :(

    1. Hey, sugar!

      I am very glad you liked my gifts! If you love my dress, I can provide the shopping link to you, so you can get one yourself (they also sell it on black, broyal blue and green).
      Also, you made me laugh with your comment about OLLA. I would kill for such a gift. You know? Basically reading the whole history of literature in a blink...