viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Dark circle beaters for pale girls

I am pale. Very pale. 
Actually, in words of my family almost traslucent, (which is not a total overstatement if you consider you can see my veins through the skin in most parts of my body, oops...) Now, you can think that´s suppose to be desirable, something of a natural fashion on any alternative lady who wears black, mostly. 
Sure: white skin, dark hair, red lips. Dita von Teese and all that jazz.
Glamourous... Theoretically.
 When you are that pale you have a double chance to suffer from dark circles, or more exactly, to suffer from very distinct ones.
 On top of that, I have been experiencing sleeping issues lately. The morning result is a tired-looking and puffy-eyed Violette, whose dark circles are observable from around the International Space Station.
Yeah, not so glamourous, right?

Last month I finished my regular Yves Rocher concealer bottle and decided not to replace it.
To be honest, I hadn´t been feeling very happy about its coverage lately, and although I liked the moisturizing formula, its coverage didn´t fit the bill anymore.
As this happened during my trip to Spain, I paid a visit to Kiko, which is one of my favourite afforadable beauty brands.
I asked the saleslady about my problem, and she suggested to give their Soft Focus Concealer a go. 01 light colour is specially designed for pale complexions and the product is defined as an "Illuminating concealer with redensifying lifting effect", so she thought this would work with me, so I bought a bottle.

First thing I liked about it was the design, as it is a pencil sticker.
I find it really impractical when I MUST use a brush to apply concealer, so this bottle was pretty much a nice surprise. As for the texture, it is creamy and feels fresh and smooth on the skin without the cakey touch. Double benefit.
In relation to the effect, I was quite satisfied about the coverage and natural touch.
The product doesn´t crease around the eyes and covers most of the dark circles.
The only thing I didn´t find too impressing was the "illuminating" part.
It does give some radiance to the area, but in a case as bad as mine, that´s all.
I needed some extra touch to finish my makeup, although I suppose this is ok if you are a normal human being with normal circles which, unlike mine, can´t be seen from the IST.

 For the finish touch, I go for Essence cream to powder highlighter (Essence is another of my absolute on-a-budget brands right now).
I apply this after concealer and foundation, and can be used to matify any area you like, apart from properly concelaing the under eyes area. The texture is light and nice, and the result is a very clean and awake look.

 My final impression about both products is satisfying, specially considering that I can be quite picky when it comes to my dark circles and how to make them look better.
I would recommend using this two treasures together, as their power combined is quite impressing and they work well together.
On lazy days, I even wear them alone, for a more au naturel look.
So I totally think the money value is worthy.

I hope you found this interesting!

So tell me darlings, what is the last beauty product that made an impression on you?

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  1. Hi there! I have the same troubles as you when it comes to make-up and my dark circles (which look like I haven't had a decent sleep in at least a century). What I have been using lately is MAC's radiant rose highlighter above my casual foundation routine and I'm very satisfied with it. It also comes on a stick applicator, so you might find it usefull.

    1. Hi Apia! Thank you so much for your recommendation. It is always nice to know alternatives to favourite products, just in case I feel like changing or they are discontinued. ♥

  2. I need to get that Essence highlighter! I recently bought a concealer from Essence and it is amazing! No creasing throughout the day and it lasts forever! I am so happy about these products, who would have thought you can buy quality stuff at so cheap a price! <3

    PS. I need to give Kiko a try. Do we have that here in Bucharest sweetie?

    1. Hey sugar! You can find this product in the little make up store at Unirii station, I remember the price was something about twenty lei, so really affordable. Also, I am not really sure we have Kiko around here, which is truly annoying, but I think you can pruchase their products online.

  3. I have a similar problem; my natural complexion is a bit "corpselike" (to the point where I can be feeling really well, and people will ask me "oh my! You look awfully pale; are you feeling OK?" and when I'm actually ill I get "Wow, you're really pale - I mean, even paler than normal, and I didn't think that was possible" off my friends...) but with slightly less of a translucency issue. I do still get REALLY obvious bags under my eyes - think somewhere between "lost in latest sparring match" and "panda". I will have to try this out myself :)

    1. Hahaha... you made me laugh really bad with your "corpse-like complexion". That´s pretty much what I was talking about. As long as you are pale, everybody assumes there is something wrong with it. Imagine living in Spain, where everybody is more or less Mediterranean featured...

  4. I've got the same issue. i also have over-active sinuses, which makes the blood vessels around the root of your nose and under your eyes swell and grow bigger = REALLY dark circles...

    1. Oh my! That sounds like a tricky issue, actually. Do you use some form of therapy to keep the whole thing under control? I discovered that a good pillow on the bed, and some cold tea bags applied on the problematic area during the morning routine make quite a difference.