sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014

December wedding preparations uploaded

December has been a good month to us in terms of wedding logistics. Until now, the only thing we had managed to solve was the reception venue (which we KNOW is actually the main source of concert for most peoples) but we had a very vague idea about how to manage the rest of the preparations: should we start dealing with providers already? Do we need a wedding planner? How could we make it truly personal without spending a little fortune? (and 'Oh, God, can we afford this? PLEASE, tell me we can afford this and avoid the bankrupt!').

As I previously mentioned, my mum saved the day in October by announcing my auntie was making my dress as a wedding present. I got the materials for it, and by then we decided we would try to stop being anxious and begin being more positive. 
I don't know how to explain it, but since we took that decission, things have been flowing smoothly. Also (and this is kind of a mistery to us) we have been under a good luck umbrella lately.
 In the last couple of weeks we experienced some unexpected and fortunate events:

1.  A couple of weeks ago my friend Ellone introduced me to a lovely professional who will work with an open mind to make our celebration a really personal one.

2.  During one of our urban excursions we stumbled upon a new fabric shop where I found the most beautiful embroidered lace ON sale. The goodies we needed for our invitations were on the sales too.

3. We found a perfect Victorian crovat and vest for The Gentle One during a casual walk. Two weeks later, I was visiting Zara in the search for the perfect engagemnt party outfit. I didn´t find it, but this lovely old-silvery tiara caught my eye. It matches my dress design perfectly! (And I can´t believe I actually found it on Zara for the little money it costed!).

I am really happy to see things are being settled smoothly and with little or no anxiety issues at all.

So tell me darlings, is it easy to you to get well-balanced while making important preparations?

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  1. Oh my god, hat looks amazing! Can't wait to see your whole outfit. When is the date.

    1. Thanks Misantropia. We are getting married at middle September next year.

  2. The leaf crown and cravat look wonderful! So glad everything is going smoothly!

    1. Thank you Laura! I am so relaxed about all the preparations right now. I hope this lasts during the whole process.

  3. We actually managed to have a really really cheap wedding. Mostly because we did everything ourselves I think. The only thing we spent a lot on was our rings.
    I hope you can find a way to have your dreamwedding without being broke afterwards :)

    1. Aw, that´s great Lesthis! We are not spending big money at the moment, and preparations are being far cheaper than they would be in Spain. Nonetheless, we are saving up in order to pay last minute expenses. For instance, our honeymoon will be in Paris, which is quite expensive by itself, so I hope everything keeps running as smoothly as it is now.

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