jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Tokyo syndrome

The last five weeks have been an aquatic nightmare. It´s been rainning tirelessly for almost forty days and today, suddenly, it simply stopped. I can hardly believe it, when I first opened the windows the sun light even blinded me for a second. But it´s so nice to feel the warm on your skin again! It sounds like Spring is finally here. One can see flowers in bloom all around although I won´t be able to enjoy the season properly because of my awful semester exams. A hard time is around the corner for me but I´ll speak about that another day.

Somehow, the calm weather made me cheer up and I decided to make something different from studying grammar today. I read a non-compulsory book out of my seminars reading schedule (naughty me) and decided to go out for a little walk. My sister sent me a gorgeous lolita dress from Japan a couple of weeks ago and I hadn´t had the opportunity to wear it. Today´s attempt was just a little outdoors excursion to get some groceries from the corner´s shop but I am going to the movies on Saturday with some friends and my little sister, so there will be a new ocassion. I don´t normally put this attention towards new clothes but I am sure my charming sister living overseas would probably kill me if I do not show her how the dress fits me ;)
I didn´t really expect I was so comfortable in lolita style but I think it´s a really good choice for my body shape, even showing far much legs than I normally like to.

Just in case you´re wondering why the pictures are so strange, I must say it was my first experience with the automatic shooter. I hope to improve my skills with this little new technique, I am sure it´s not a big deal but I have to get used to it. If you have any advice to give in relation to this I´ll be glad to hear it. I am not specially good with new gadgets.

I am not very sure about the whole outfit, but I think my high heel bordello shoes match the dress pretty well.  I am also considering to add my ribcage earrings from Restyle. What do you think?

So tell me, have you tried something different or new from your regular style recently?

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  1. You live in Spain and now you had some good weather? I prefer clouds over sun but you had some pretty long days of rain!
    Your sister got you a great dress it looks so pretty!!!!:)
    I am dealing with that automatic button for so long and still it doesn't seems of winning, ever :p its hard if you don't have a prof camera with a tripod. But your photos look very good for starters! Try to take some of your face or more of your legs or like separate photos to see your shoes or accessories!!:)

    1. Yeah, in this corner of the country we have lots of rain the whole year, even in the summer :)

      Thanks for the compliment! I also love the dress, specially because it is so different form my regular clothes. Thanks for the advice as well, I´ll take it into account next time.

    2. Sometimes that is ok in summer its a refreshing weather after the high temperature!! You are very welcome my dear! Take care :D

  2. yeay, I would probably kill you, right XD

    te queda genial! estás super guapa *_* y te odio por ser tan perfecta sin hacer nada!!!! ¬¬
    Amo esos pendientes, he dicho!
    yo ando detrás de un collar de Kreepville de unas manitas de esquelto que se lo vi a Kyary Pamyu pamyu (la lady Gaga japa) y me enamoré *_*
    tb quiero lacitos del pelo con ojos jejejeje
    ya puestos! hace poco que me compré un colgante de un esqueletito con un lazo rosa en la cabeza muy LOL tipo el día de los muertos de México *O*
    Estoy muy satisfecha con esa compra!!!! (puse una foto en el blog por si quieres verlo ^^)

    y tb le comunico que mis tetillas de drácula de la cabeza han vuelto XDDDDDDD (lo sé lo sé, lectores ajenos que lean esa frase, solo ignórenla)
    Un besi!

    1. ¡Gracias! Lo de la perfección, bueno, eso es dicutible pero me lo tomaré como un cumplido :)

      Pasaré por tu blog e cuanto tenga un huequín, a ver si esta misma noche (he estado fuera todo el fin de semana sin conexión).
      ¡Un besete!

  3. That dress is adorable. It's clearly Lolita-esque but not over the top for a Goth girl. :) I find myself more comfortable in short skirts with opaque tights... Sometimes I try it with fishnets or something and tend to fee too exposed. I think you styled this dress just perfectly! And those earrings - gorgeous! I love when I see the macabre done so tastefully, which is a VERY rare thing.

    1. I agree that opaque tights are a MUST for very short skirts, otherwise I cannot feel comfortable neither.

      Thanks a lot for your nice words! O also like the macabre but it is so hard to find refined stuff nowadays... I am very happy since I discover Restyle they have a wide range of cute uncanny complements and clothing :)

  4. The dress looks super cute on you, and I love how you spiced it up with the sexy heels! The earrings will look great with this outfit, definitely! :) I guess I'm a bit uninspired these days, I don't know why... But I rcently bought a leopard shirt, that's a first for me, the first leopard item I own! I will show pictures on my blog very soon :).

    1. Thank you very much, darling. It´s a true honour coming from you :) I think leopard is always hard to combine but I am sure you´ll do it great.

  5. hola! acabo de descubrir tu blog, me encanta tu vestido, creo que le sientan muy bien los pendientes o quizás también un broche:)
    Me ha recordado tu blog a uno que me gusta mucho, que su dueña también vende artículos que quizás te gusten por ebay.
    Este es el blog: http://themoonmaiden-blix.blogspot.ie/

    jajaja y ya si tienes tiempo y te apetece, echa un vistazo al mio:)

    Un saludo,
    Lorena Be-Bop

  6. Muchas gracias por los cumplidos. Echaré un vistazo a los blogs.
    ¡Un saludo!