miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

'Cause, you know, baby? Life is my palette

There are many bloggers I love out there.
 One of them is the gorgeous Magda, whose last post made me think about what products I would choose in the case of someone asking about my favs.

I am not a favs person
I mean, I like many films, books, writers and music bands, but it is truly difficult to me selecting the very best. Indeed, I always feel a little weird when people ask me about it: 'What´s your favourite actress?' or, 'What about your fancied food?' are just not a good way to start a conversation with me (and sometimes people can become very insistent about this type of things). 
As a logical consequence, I have chosen the cosmetics that I use currently, rather than my front-runners (because well, I simply don´t have a clear list of them).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my top ten in cosmetics!

Eyelashes. I don´t really care about brands as long as they feel cozy. The ones here are a cheap pair from Primark Beauty. They are called 'Full Look Lashes'.

Nail polish. A very basic, right? I am in love with a relatively unknown brand. Leticia Well offer a stunning finish with these raven black (colour #227) and sparkling ruby red (# 231).

Eyeshadow. I have never been a huge fan of eyeshadow, but pigments are a different universe (and I am on the boat of liquid eyeshadow too). Right now I am very fond of Detrivore´s Livor Mortis (a very dusty purple with powerful undertones).

Enlightening concealer. Totally sold to the natural look you get by using it. When I want to keep it simple, this is always my first choice. I use Softfocus Concealer by Kiko Milano Makeup.
Liquid black eyeliner. Kind of my personal signature, I'm sure you've already noticed that. The bottle in the picture belongs to H&M cosmetic line and I bought it last week during an eyeliner urgency. Usually, I prefer Yves Saint Lauren Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking, but as I mentioned I ran away of it in the last minute before an important event.

Vegetal moisturizer cream. Nothing like vegetal oil to keep your skin silky. The specimen here is Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Lotion.

Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick! My current two favs are Kiko´s  Rouge A Lévres, and Revlon´s Va Va Violet (ey, ideal name for me!). 

Fluid Comfort Foundation. Don´t try to look for it in the picture, I totally forgot to include it! However, it´s the very basic product I use everyday. Yves Rocher makes a fantastic product called Couleurs Nature. My tone is Teint Trés Clair.

♥ And of course I had to include the main tool that helps me with the basis of my everyday look. That´s the Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Samantha Chapman. Ok, it´s not a cosmetic itself but, what could I do without it?

So tell me, darlings, what are your cosmetic favs at the moment?

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  1. I would love to try that nail polish brand! Can it be bought at a convenience store?

    1. In fact, I bought them at a normal drugstore in the mall. However, I live in Europe, so not really sure if you can buy them in your local stores in the US.

  2. Gosh that lipstick looks amazing! I love dark shades of red especially during winter time! And speaking of winter, I replied to your comment on my blog, hope it helps!
    My favorite beauty product at the moment is Max Factor's Smooth Effect foundation. ^^

    1. I am fond of all types of dark shades, but when speaking about lipstick I am totally lost to reds and purples, that´s for sure. I haven´t tried with Max Factor for many years: last time I was about twenty I think, and by then their fluid makeup was a little cakey. However, cosmetics has developed a lot since then, somaybe I need to give them another try.

  3. Va Va Violet is one of my favourite shades! It has a very clever name :B

    And I really want to try Detrivore Cosmetics, some day :)

    1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    2. Detrivore has a high-quality pigmentation in my opinion, which is a very nice thing on an alternative brand (and not very common). Infortunately, I´ve just tried their eyeshadows at the moment, so I cannot tell you about the rest of their products.

      And yeah, Va Va Violette is an amazing name for a lipstick!

  4. Aw how sweet of you :$ So glad you made that post!! I cannot also pick one favourite brand of make up or a single favourite product, i like to have options, tasting everything around! That also goes the same to books, movies etc. Very nice collection of make up and cosmetic products <3

    1. Oh, you´re very welcome my dear ♥
      But yeah, I can´t understand why people look so hopeless to learn what are one´s tastes in terms of favs and lists.
      I think is so much more interesting having a widespread stocktaking of beloved things, better than just a couple of favourite items.