miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

What I did in September

Yes, yes, I know. In this ocassion my monthly series is very delayed.
I bet you even thought I was not posting this month (and to be honest I was about to consider it, but I finaly managed to find some unexpected spare time to do it, after all).
The reason is my lack of luck, in other words, October has been a terrible period.
I mentioned I got sick at the very beginning of the month, and as fool as I am, I thought things could just improve afterwards.

The week after I started feeling better, I had to go back to my old intensive schedule at job. I believe I already explained a former coworker just left without notice, which basically made me to cover her on periodically extra-long working days.
And that´s exactly what my inmune system needed at the moment: little sleep and twelve hours a day away from home.
Lucky me, huh?

So, once my replacement period was over again, the weather decided to cooperate against me too. Last weekend we had a sudden temperature change, with a 20 centigrades descent in 24 hours AND SNOW.
Because, hey, why not?!
And you guessed, as soon as my inexistent defenses noticed that, I got sick.
While I write this, I have already been enclosed for five days (my employee decided I urgently needed to have a proper rest, God blesses her) and I believe I won´t feel better in at least two or three days more.
Well, I suppose I got the pestilence or something, and The Gentle One enjoys by saying I will probably be the patient zero during the zombie apocalypse.
Yeah, laugh as hard as you want, but I am not totally sure that´s not happening.

And now, I think I´ll better show you what I did in September.
Just to stop thinking about how much time it will take me to spread the Z-virus all across the world...

Books, books and books!
Last month I discovered there are many discount book stores sparsed all through the city,
which literally means you can get half a dozen of brand new books for ten euros.
So being a little bookworm (and sharing my life with another one), I could not help mysef and just gave up to my bookaholic tendences.  
Apart from the Wordsworth Classics I already showed to you I also bought a good haul
of historical volumes.

The haul included an architectonic volume about English manors, an early 20 th century fashion history and a little Britain monarchy encyclopedia.
I am more than happy with all those, as they were a very light and interesting read as I was sick.

September was the month I chose to re-watch Downton Abbey season 4.
I have been a big fan of this series from the very first season, which I discovered as a student when I was working as an aupair in London some years ago.
It looks like a century ago!
Anyway, as they were releasing season 5, I decided it was a good idea to pamper myself with long tea and buscuit sessions while watching the Crawley family to walk their way.
This is an exercise I recommend to anyone who care about history and good stories.

I carefully crafted all my accessories and planned with militar accuracy my outfit for the autumnal themed tea party I was attending here in Bucharest.
Nevertheless, some work duties popped out just the day before, so all my plans had to be cancelled.
Because, OF COURSE.

Well, well, I haven´t enjoyed too much this last couple of months, but I hope you did it better.
So tell me darlings, how was your September?

4 comentarios:

  1. Such a beautiful dress!)
    And snow on the roofs of Bucharest...Oh how I want to visit the city of Mircea Eliade, my favourite scholar and writer(

    1. Thank you so much, I really like that dress since it was a handmade comission I made some time ago :)
      I hope you can make it some day and visit Bucharest. The trip is really worth it.

  2. Ah, the constant work illness! When going to work just makes it worse and worse and worse! I have been there! Sending so much sympathy and hugs!

    I love discount books! The one on the houses looks AMAZING!

    Your outfit is lovely, I am sorry you did not get to go to the party! You always have the most amazing outfits!

    1. Yes, there is nothing worse than feeling sick and keep attending your regular job schedule day after day, as the body does not have time enough to recover. Luckily, I feel much better as I write this comment, and I am back almost to my regular 100% me.

      Discount books are best thing ever! I really like it when I can go crazy on a bookstore and buy everything I want. That´s a rare opportunity, so discount shops are my best friends risht now.