domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Nibble, nibble, gnaw, Who is nibbling at my little house?

I don´t know about you guys, but there is something on Victorian houses (specially on little Victorian houses) that makes me think of fairy tales. To be specific, of Hansel & Gretel
I mean, yes, I know the witch lived by herself on a chocolate house,
NOT on a Victorian house. Nevertheless, my childish imagination tended
to picture a little cute Victorian house hidden in the forest. I don´t know why exactly was that, but I suppose my grandma´s 1860 house built on the edge 
of the woods had something to do with it.
Of course there was nothing "witchy" about my grannie (nothing of the wicked witch type, anyway). However, for some reason, her house resembled the 
candy house and since that moment, every little Victorian house reminds me of
fairy tales.

The thing is, this weekend The Gentle One and I embarked on another of our weekly
urban excursions and visited the Cotroceni Royal Palace.
After one hour and a half, we started feeling seriously tired, so we decided to look for some nice place  to have a cup of tea a good rest. It is funny I mentioned witches,
because I had no idea about what a peculiar neighborhood Cotroceni is!
The district is all full with beautiful English gardens,  as well as strangely designed antique houses which could not be taken as anything else than sorceresses homes by my hyperactive fantasy.
I think it is now one of my favourite districts in town

In the middle of it, we found this lovely little house playing its magnetic power on us like a hocus pocus. So, like Hansel and Gretel, we entered the place and felt no disappointed at all! The tea house was charming,  decorated with REAL Victorian furniture. 
They served the most delicious pumpkin tea ever, together with some assorted cookies, and to contribute to the magical vibe of the place, they even owned a black cat 
(which at that point, I was pretty sure it was a familiar spirit of some sort, because there were too many unusual elements
flowing around, am I right?).
I am not totally sure they didn´t put a magic spell on us, as we were by far too
relaxed in there and it took us a good hour to say goodbye.
But if there are witches over there, I am quite sure they are my own
kind type, so no regrets.

So tell me darlings, what have you done this weekend?

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  1. I love Victorian architecture and furniture, it's stunning. It has such character and charm, unlike so many of the modern designs I've seen. I can definitely see the connection between fairy tales and Victorian houses. I've always dreamt of having that fancy woodwork you see on Victorian porches, it's called gingerbread - rather fitting, isn't it? :)

    1. I totally agree with your appreciations. I think what I like the best about Victorian arquitecture is its uniqueness: although there are typical features, architects always looked for new ways of combining them, as well as including new and different details. Somehow, it can be said that every Victorian house is totally different form the rest of them, and that´s something I do find fascinating ♥
      I had no idea about "the gingerbread" woodwork, but it only helps to reinforce my perception about this type of buildings :)

  2. I have always loved Victorian style. Even as a little kid I knew I wanted velvet sofas with carved arms and legs! Well, one day if I am rich enough!!!

    It is funny that you were writing about Gingerbread houses because my last blog post was about that too! Great minds must think alike! :)

    1. I don´t think you actually need lots of money to acquire that kind of funiture: there are many flea markets and both, curiosity and charity shops where you can actually find unexpensive old sofas and chairs. All you have to do is a little DIY revamping work! :)

  3. I love Victorian houses! I'm a sucker for interesting architecture.
    Also your blog is great, you take lovely photos.

    1. Many thanks Annareigh, and please, be welcome!
      I don´t know if I take good pictures, but I do try my best :)

  4. Respuestas
    1. Thanks Sally! I do consider myself very lucky at this period of my life. No regrets about coming to Bucharest.

  5. Aww you really have the ability to find those gorgeous places to visit!

    1. Thanks, Linnea. This time it was all about walking around until we could find a good place, but usually we take our time to make some exhaustive internet research until we find interesting locations to visit. I am sure every big city in Europe has got its own little charming and unique venues :)

  6. That place looks amazing! I love that you pictured a Victorian house in the Hansel and Gretel story instead of a wooden cabin or something. Aren't children's imaginations fascinating like that? I also can't believe I'm only just getting round to saying congratulations on your engagement, dear! What a wonderful thing to hear. I hope you'll have a wonderful life together :) x

    1. Many thanks for your good wished, Ali! We are very happy about our union in prospect :)
      In relation to children´s imagination, you can never tell how a kid is going to perceive reality. I think that´s the most fascinating thing about them :)

  7. Pumpkin tea, how very witchy! Love the house so much <3 Victorian houses are the best <3

    1. It was very witchy for sure, but my favourite part was the wonderful flavor. The pumpkin was mixed with some ginger and cinammon so, as long as the tea was very spiced, I really loved it.