martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

The zombie diaries

I am quite sure you already noticed I had a hard month due to job reasons, as I would not stop complaining about it here, here and here.
Yes, I know, I can be a little very annoying when I am tired.
Specifically, I tend to become a small child even under the slightest sleep deprivation.
 And no, I am not exagerating.
I DO mean it.

If my unconditional ten-hours-a-day rest pattern (well, I admit I am a human sloth, but that should be an inalienable right to everyone, isn´t it?) is scrambled, I end up the day muttering, groaning and most probably, crying.
Considering this, you can totally picture the messy condition I found myself 
after a month sleeping no more than five or six hours per night.

As I mentioned, I was working full time on a quite exhaustive schedule as I was covering someone else.
That person left her position without previous notification (ahem!) and as a result I started working on ten hours sessions, which meant I could not possibly spend less than twelve (including transport) away from home.
I am aware there are other people out there who work on those conditions on a daily basis.
I am not that dopey, but I do not think that is fair for them,
and of course the same is applied to me.

Outfit Rundown: dress - Spin Doctor / Bag - New Yorker / Shoes - Camden Town.

Anyway, this extensive period is over at the moment 
(although it will be repited at some point in the not-that-distant future).
Nevertheless, I am back to my ordinary routine by now and this meant I could enjoy 
some spare time to wear what I like (in this case I could finally use my Spin Doctor dress for the first time), enjoy long walks through old town and have some extra 
quality time with The Gentle One, who is more than glad I am working part time again, as long as this state of affairs means a hundred per cent less muttering, groaning and crying. 
You cannot blame him, can you?

So tell me darlings, are you having a quiet end of holiday season?

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  1. Greetings beauty,

    That must be one of my favourite pieces of Spin Doctor, i've been searching for that beauty on my size for a while, but unfortunately there is no plus sizes available of it anymore =/
    I love see it on you tho, and with that pretty long wavy hair to top it off, it looks wonderful and you don't look tired at all :P
    You always look so put together and lady like, i wish i had the will to dress up like that.

    Regarding what you've been through i can quite understand it, on the last months i've been through a similar situation and it won't change any time soon, so i am indeed a human bomb, anything makes me sensitive and i cry a lot, so i am happy to see you won't be this stressed for a while at least.

    I always love going here, your posts always make me wanna dress up and go places ahah, you are quite a motivation :P

    Best Regards

    1. Ey dear!

      I hate when I can´t find a certain dress on my size, it is really annoying. Usually, my main problem is not being able to find stock for the clothing pieces I like, as I tend to fall in love with old models or old brands which don´t exist anymore (I can be quite rancid/old fashioned and picky when it comes to clothes), GAH.
      Oh, and many thanks for your words! You are truly nice, I don´t think I deserve all your compliments!

      In relation to work, I can just wish you better times. I do know what is like, and really hope you can move to a more reasonable schedule at any close point in the future :/

      Lots of love and strength!

  2. I also sleep a lot, and I know how the lack of sleep ... I have a baby now and is complicated, according several times at night.

    You are beautiful. What an interesting place, where is it?
    besos :*

    1. Oh my! I have got a lil sister, so I know how dealing with babies is... But it is something seasonal, before you can notice, the child will be sleeping all night long.

      Regarding the place in the picture, this is the back door of a big national bank in Bucharest, Romania, where I am currentle living and working :)

  3. When I get sleepy I can fall asleep sitting up, even sometimes standing up. I did that once and woke up before I fell over. I get very cranky when I don't have enough sleep! I was always miserable when I was working 6 days a in week really far from home!

    You look lovely in that dress! Glad the madness is over!

    1. OMG! That sounds a bit dangerous, isn´t it? I actually fell asleep while sitting on a public place once, but I was so ashamed, it neves happened to me again.

      Thanks you very much for the nice words! ♥

  4. What a lovely outfit, looks good on you! :)

  5. I know that feeling, when it comes to sleep. I need 9 hours a night, ideally, and I get insomnia when I am highly stressed. After a couple of night with less than 6 hours, there WILL be tears. Enjoy your break while you can! You look like you've been using the time well, with this lovely dress and perfect backdrop!

    1. Oh, I see your point! I also get insomnia over stressful periods. I can easily lay down awake for hours, but lemon balm pills normally help. I hope you have the chance to relax and rest! :)

  6. It sounds like a very tiring period for you, reminds me of my days recently. But this outfit is amazing, love the dress! :) Get some rest now :)

    1. I am very happy to say it is over now, so I am taking the chance to have a good rest :)
      I hope you are ok too, dear!

  7. Sleep deprivation sucks. I know, I'm an insomniac. I'm glad that part is over for you.

    1. Well, it will be this month, although I´ll be back to horrifid schedules for a couple of weeks in October.
      Sorry you currentle suffer from insomn issues, I hope it gets better! :/

  8. That dress is gorgeous, those photos are fabulous! That gate is beautiful, but I have no idea what is written on it! I want to know who the two 'Atlas' style figures either side are supposed to be.

    I'm glad to hear you're less sleep-deprived. My other half is an auxilliary nurse and his usual shifts are 12 hrs long! I could not do that; I would end up like you did (I tried it for two weeks working retail at Christmas on long shifts; the pay was good, but the hours seemed eternal!)

    1. Thanks! These pictures were taken by my fiancé, he is the hard and patient mind behind the camera most of the times you see an outfit post.